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Wera Screwdriver bit Kraftform Kompakt VDE WERA 62 iS PH2 x 154 mm corrosion protection red insulation 05003414001

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Screwdriver bit Kraftform 

Kompakt VDE WERA

62 iS PH2, 154 mm


red insulation


  • Product type: Screwdriver bit
  • Bit Head Type: PH2
  • Fixing support type: Hexagon
  • Fixing width / diameter: 9.0 mm
  • Color: Red
  • Weight: 30 g
  • The images are for presentation purposes
  • Product Recommended by the Romanian Association of Electricians - AREL


wera sancogrup


PN: 05003414001

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Screwdriver bit Kraftform Kompakt VDE WERA 62 iS PH2, 154 mm red insulation 

Enjoy exceptional performance and unmatched control while working on your projects with Wera's VDE Kraftform Series. This ingenious tool was designed to meet the most demanding requirements in the professional field, offering an ergonomic experience and maximum safety at the same time.

„VDE Sancogrup”  „VDE Sancogrup”  „VDE Sancogrup”
Key features:

VDE safety: Certified according to VDE standards, this handle offers a high level of electrical safety. Indispensable for working in environments with voltage, Series 7400 VDE Kraftform ensures protection against the risks of electrocution.

Durability and quality: Built with the highest quality materials, this handle is designed to withstand the most difficult working conditions. Every detail is finished with precision to guarantee long-term durability and constant performance.

Black Point: The Wera Black Point tip and a refined hardening process ensure long service life of the tip, improved corrosion protection and an exact fit.

Recommended applications:
  • Electrical and electronic works
  • Assembly and industrial maintenance
  • Precision assembly applications in various fields

Kraftform Kompakt VDE

„VDE Sancogrup”

Individualy Tested!

„VDE Sancogrup”

IEC 60900

„VDE Sancogrup”

Kraftform VDE

„VDE Sancogrup”


„VDE Sancogrup”

What does VDE Means?

VDE is an acronym for "Verband der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik und Informationstechnik" in German, which means "Association of Electrotechnics, Electronics and Information Technology" in Romanian. It is one of the most important testing and certification organizations in the world in the field of electrical and electronic technology.

VDE establishes standards and regulations regarding the safety and electromagnetic compatibility of electrical and electronic products. Products that are tested and certified according to VDE standards demonstrate compliance with these standards and are recognized for their quality and safety.

Thus, when a product is certified according to VDE standards, this attests to the fact that it has been subjected to rigorous tests to ensure that it complies with electrical safety requirements and is suitable for use in various environments. Certification according to VDE standards gives users confidence in the quality and reliability of the respective product.

„VDE Sancogrup”

Easily Replacement!

„VDE Sancogrup”

  • Product type: Screwdriver bit
  • Bit Head Type: PH2
  • Fixing support type: Hexagon
  • Fixing width / diameter: 9.0 mm
  • Color: Red
  • Weight: 30 g

Other versions in this product family

„VDE Sancogrup”

In conclusion, Wera products are not just a tool, but an investment in precision, comfort and durability. With cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design, these screwdrivers are essential in any tool kit, providing users with a superior experience in any project.

Weight: 30 g

Overall length: 154 mm

Diameter screwdriver shaft: 9 mm

Screwdriver handle color: Rosu

Screwdriver type: Electricians

Screwdriver head type: PH

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