Rapid staples for vineyards

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The Swedish company Isaberg Rapid is specialized in the production and distribution of

ring staples

for tying vines.

Designed to attach a ballast parallel to the wire mesh, the C50, C75 and C85 ring staples may be replaced annually.

The ring staples are made of soft steel or aluminum, which is why the staple will open with the increase in diameter of the stem, without stangling it.

This system is designed to attach and fix dies from 4 to 20 mm in diameter, guaranteeing their optimal and natural growth.

The main purpose for which the vines are linked is to direct the plant so that the best conditions for the development of the cords on the rope are formed and the harvest is as healthy as possible. Thus, by tying, you can steer the strings as you wish.

By leading and tying the strings in various forms and positions one follows:
  • adjusting the growth and fruiting, directing the strings so that there are favorable conditions for starting and increasing shoots from the entire length of the chord or only from a certain portion thereof;
  • ensuring favorable conditions for ventilation and efficient use of light;
  • facilitating the application of the other technological links (mechanical works, herbicides, treatments for diseases and pests, etc)

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