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Glue guide

Different tasks require different glue. Read our guide to find the glue stick you need.

What kind of glue should I use for my project?

The first thing to consider when choosing glue is the project you are planning to do.

We divide our range of glues into three areas of use:

  • Arts and craft - for decorative work
  • Fix and repair - for projects at home
  • Installation - for large projects

Next step is to choose the glue stick best suited for the material you are working with.

Glue sticks are available in many different types but in general they can be divided into two groups; universal glue and specialty glue.

Universal glue is, as the name implies, universal. They can be used on a wide variety of materials and come in many different colours.

The specialty glue is designed for a specific material, for example glue for metal, leather or wood.

They have a better adhesive strength as they are designed for that specific material.

Size of glue sticks

You will also discover that there are different dimensions to glue sticks. If you followed the two steps above, then the dimension is already set.

Just make sure that the glue gun you select is designed for this size.

There are three difference glue sizes, 12 mm, 7 mm and oval, here’s how it works:

  • 12 mm glue sticks are the standard size. Glue sticks for Installation and Fix and repair are all 12 mm.
  • 7 mm glue sticks allow for precision gluing due to a smaller glue output. You will get perfect control of the glue needed for arts and craft.
  • Oval glue sticks are designed for lower temperatures (up to 130 degrees C). Ideal for doing arts and craft on heat sensitive material, such as glass and balloons.

It's important to note that a glue gun for 12 mm glue stick only takes 12 mm glue sticks, and the same for 7 mm and oval.

Advantages of hot melt glue

Instant bond, solvent free, no due date. Read on to learn more about the hot melt glue advantages.

Nine reasons to use hot melt glue guns

  • Ready to use in a moment
  • Connect the glue gun to the mains, insert a glue stick, wait until it is heated up. That’s it.
  • Durable bonds - The finished bond is strong and will last a long time without being affected by humidity or outside weather conditions.
  • Glue - Special glue sticks are available to suit almost all common materials to guarantee best bonding.
  • Speed - Hot melt bonding is simply the fastest way of gluing.
  • Precise - The trigger of the glue gun puts you in perfect control of the glue flow.
  • Creative work - With coloured glue or glue sticks with glitter you can decorate many materials.
  • Non toxic - No solvent, bot toxics, no smell and no need for enhanced ventilation.
  • Clean - The glue leaves no residues, does not overflow and the fast drying time makes it clean and easy to work with.

No due date

You can store a glue stick indefinitely. You can heat it, cool it and reheat it as many times as you like. It will never deteriorate.

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