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Pneumatic Framing Coil Nailers

are some of the many types of nail polish guns available on the market.

Characteristic of this type of tool is their ability to quickly complete extended projects and the speed with which you work, compared to using the traditional hammer.

Today, Pneumatic Framing Coil Nailers are a great help in carrying out woodworking projects, reducing the physical strength and the fatigue of the worker.

They are used daily on construction sites, from time to time right here at home.

First and foremost the safety of the use of pneumatic nail rollers

As always, you need to put safety first when working with pneumatically operated gun nails.

Accidents with this type of tools contribute to more than half of the total work accidents recorded on the site.

Therefore, learning one or two safety measures can help a lot. So what do we need to know before we begin to learn how to use a pneumatic nail gun?

Most accidents resulting from the incorrect use of a pneumatic nail machine affect the hand or finger.

This is to be expected, as we use our hands to guide the pieces of wood we need to fix them. Some of the accidents can be very serious.

Sometimes nails can curl after hitting a metal surface and can injure a colleague's eyes.

Pneumatic nail guns pull nails under such high pressures that they can pierce the skin and bone simultaneously.

The wearing of protective equipment becomes mandatory in this case. Wear goggles, ear plugs (for noise), hard helmet and protective leather gloves.

Do not hold your finger on the nail gun trigger as you move from one workstation to another.

Choose models of nail machines that are equipped with protection system against accidental discharge.

Nailing pneumatic guns from the Rapid PRO range will trigger the stapling head mechanism only if the long nose is well seated on the work surface.

Basically you can't shoot nails in the "air"! The trigger action and the pressing of the stapling head on the work surface must be simultaneous!

Always put safety first

Wear a safety helmet, safety glasses and leather gloves. It may seem like a lot, but a pneumatic nail gun is a powerful and sometimes dangerous tool.

You only need a little attention and the nails can fly through the air and through your skull.

The safety systems with which the pneumatic nail machines are provided play an important role during their use.

You should never pull a nail toward your body or a colleague.

The Rapid PRO range pneumatic nail guns is the right tool to quickly and accurately combine large pieces of wood.

It is ideal for the construction of roofs, carpentry, wooden structures/frames, installation of doors and windows, components for construction, packaging, shelters, insulation, panels, fences, enclosures and in any other industrial applications.

A Pneumatic Coil Frames Gun can eliminate the need for a traditional hammer, save time in completing a project and save muscles from unjustified pain!

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