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A nozzle is a hot air gun accessory that you attach to the front of the heat gun, which changes the airflow in different ways.

What nozzles are available and what do they do?

Reduction nozzle

This nozzle reduces the width of the airflow, which creates a narrowly directed jet. Ideal for gluing edges, soft soldering and removing paint in tight corners.

Available in three different sizes, 9, 14 and 20 mm top diameter, a smaller diameter yields a more focused air beam.

Glass Protection Nozzle

By providing more accurate direction of the flow of air, this nozzle protects glass from cracking as a result of overheating.

It is a handy accessory when removing paint from window frames. Available in 50 and 75 mm width.

Wide-Slot Nozzle

Creates a wide spread of the airflow, enabling more efficient and faster performance when removing paint, repairing tarred roofing paper, shaping plastic and much more.

Available in 45 and 75 mm width.


Reflector Nozzle

This nozzle heats up the area around the material by reflecting the hot airflow. By doing so, it provides uniform heating all around the area being worked on.

An ideal accessory when soldering thin pipes, shaping PVC or shrinking shrink tubes.

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