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Rapid Staples

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Rapid Staples - Capse Rapid 12/6 G 1.44M

Capse Rapid 12/6 G 1.44M

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Are you confused by the large number of options when you want to choose the type of staple you need for your project?

Choosing the right


for the job can be essential. If you understand very well what type of staple you need, you will have a permanent and durable attachment.

Two things are essential, which you must consider when choosing a staple: the type of staple and the length of the staple leg.

Let's see what are the different types of staples?

For light duty jobs and decoration - Finewire staples

Thin staples are ideal when working with textiles. They have a low visibility presence and are designed to have a minimal effect on textile fibers.

This also makes them perfect for labeling. Staples made of thin wire are called Rapid 53 or Rapid 13 and are color-coded, so you can easily identify them when you want to order them:
staple type 13staple type 53

Heavy duty jobs - wide wire staples
Staples made of wide wire have a larger contact surface with the material you want to attach. They are ideal for fastening plastic sheets, stronger fabrics, thin cardboard and rugs.

The flat wire staples are called Rapid 140 and they have color coded, so you can easily identify them when you want to order them:
staple type 140

For tough material or deep fastening - Narrow crown staples

The narrow staples are more resistant due to the small distance between the legs. It is an effective solution when fastened by hard materials or where deep stapling depth is required.

The staples are covered with a resin to increase the durability of the fixing. They will be much harder to remove.

They are recommended for heavy fixings on wooden floors or panels, OSB boards, frames and partitions.

The narrow caps are called Rapid 606 and are color-coded so you can easily identify them when you want to order them:
staple type 606

For low voltage cables - Cable staples

The semi-round shape of the staple makes these staples perfect for fixing low voltage cables up to 50V - computer, audio or telephone cables, for example.

The cable staples are called Rapid 28 (maximum diameter 4.5 mm), Rapid 36 (maximum diameter 6 mm), Rapid 7 and Rapid 27.

These are color-coded so you can easily identify them when you want to order them:
rapid staple no 7rapid staple no 27rapid staple no 28rapid staple no 36

How do I choose staple leg length?

The total thickness of the materials to be fixed, the hardness and the type of material determine the length of the staple to be used.

The standard rule to choosing staple leg length

The standard rule is to multiply by 3 the thickness of the material to be fixed. For a 4 mm thick material, use a 12 mm staple.

Staple length when fastening thin or thin material

For fastening a thin or slim material, such as a plastic foil or a fine fabric, a staple 4 mm larger than the thickness of the material is ideal.

For 2 mm thick material, choose a 6 mm staple.

Staple length when fixing wood or other hard material

For fixing hardwood materials for construction, a staple twice long as the material in which it is fastened is sufficient.

Now you know which staple to use, the next step is to choose the perfect tool to complete the project. Find the right stapler!


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