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Aimo D30S Labels

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Aimo D30S Labels
Different colors and patterns of self-adhesive labels

Very good quality materials


Please pay attention when inserting the label roll into the printer. Install the roll with the labels facing up.

We recommend that you keep the label rolls away from sunlight or moisture.

CAREFUL! The side of the label roll contains a chip with a recognition sensor for printing. Please do not break or damage the sticker, otherwise it will affect the printing effect.

Applications:  shops, warehouses, factories, barcodes, medical laboratories/clinics, etc.

# Children's clothing stores # Clothing stores # Bag stores
# Convenience stores # Office supplies shops # Jewelry Stores
# To Go stores # Fruit stores # Pastry shops
Tags for your home!

# Spice container labels # Clothes label

# Identifying safety in the electrical panel # Clear messages in medicine containers
# Cable identification # Name tags
Customize your label as you wish!

• Resistant to breakage, moisture and abrasion:
They do not contain BPA;
• Does not leave residue after peeling;
• Equipped with chip for quick identification after mounting in the D30S;
• They stick well even at low temperatures.

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