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Rapid Professional Glue Guns

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How to Use

Professional Hot Glue Gun

The Professional Hot Glue Gun are perfect for high frequency jobs that also demand precision and efficiency. They delivers this through high glue output and 4-finger trigger action. Other features include a fixed stand for gluing with best stability.

During the process, the hot melt sticks are pushed through the back cavity of the device either manually or by pulling a trigger, depending on the model of the gun. Once activated, the glue is pushed to a check valve, which is a spring loaded with balls that are located directly behind the nozzle. The valves are designed to stop the flow of the glue and to prevent spills. Various glue gun models are equipped with a viewing window which allows the user to determine if an efficient amount of adhesive is in the chamber.

Generally, melting takes between two and five minutes, but the process may be shorter depending on whether the gun has been preheated or is already in use. In standard glue guns, the temperature of the hot melts is controlled by thermistors, thermally sensitive resistors that limit the heat current during the melting process. Since they regulate heat, glue gun resistors allow operators to handle the device without getting burned.

Glue is dispensed from a conical nozzle, which is typically metal and may become extremely hot. Various manufacturers fabricate glue guns that feature nozzles with a protective rubber encasing, to prevent burns. The glue can be dispensed in thin strips, and once expelled from the gun, glue generally takes only a few minutes to dry and harden.  

Additional Information & Considerations   

Experts and manufacturers advise some guidelines to ensure an effective process:
Heatproof counters or trays are essential during the glue gun operation, as hot melt adhesives may drip if too much force is applied to the glue.

Temperature is a major factor in the post glue gun application process. Glue that is exposed to too much light or heat will melt, whereas glue that is exposed to cold temperatures will become brittle.

Selecting the right type of gun model is essential for every application: Low-temperature guns melt glue at 250 degrees and are suitable for delicate materials. High-temperature hot glue sticks and guns can reach 400 degrees and are only compatible for more durable or “hard” materials. Manufacturers produce dual temperature models for multiple projects.

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