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KNIPEX VDE Screwdriver

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A VDE screwdriver is a specialized tool certified for use on electrical circuits up to 1,000 volts AC or 1,500 volts DC.

We offer a wide range of VDE screwdrivers! An essential item when working with electricity.

A VDE screwdriver is used to ensure you are protected when working under voltage. Red handles ensure easy identification from other tools.

Like most homeowners, we mostly leave electrical work to the experts.

However, we sometimes repair or replace faulty electrical components ourselves such as sockets, switches, plugs.

Before doing this, we must always remember to turn off the power supply.

Despite the safety measures taken there is still a small chance that some current will pass through the cables.

So, to be more cautious, always use a VDE screwdriver.

What is a VDE screwdriver?

In its simplest form, it is an insulated tool that protects you from touching live parts of a circuit.

VDE stands for Verband der Elektrotechnik, a German institution that sets standards for electrical and electronic tools, components and installations.

VDE also tests hundreds of thousands of tools annually, meaning they play a significant role in electrical safety worldwide.
VDE screwdrivers prevent electrocution

If you work on or near electrical circuits, you risk electrocution. Always use an insulated screwdriver bearing the triangular VDE marking to avoid electric shock.

triangular VDE marking at sancogrup.ro
Most screwdrivers have non-conductive handles, but a VDE screwdriver also has a single shaft.

The rod is covered with a plastic material, leaving only the tip exposed. This cover prevents electric shocks when working on live electrical circuits.
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