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pneumatic staple gun

is a commonly used tool in construction. It looks like a gun with trigger and staples. The pneumatic stapling gun is supplied with compressed air.

It is used to beat staples on a work surface. The staples are quickly and precisely inserted into the work surface. This makes it a convenient means of linking different types of materials.

A pneumatic stapler is a tool that is used to attach staples to wood or metal. You can use the pneumatic stapler to fix only a few staples or more.

The staples can be used in hobby applications, small constructions, repairs or decorations up to the tapestry. Most types of pneumatic staplers use a compressed air cylinder to drive the staples into the material.

Step 1 - Preparation of the pneumatic stapling gun

Start by attaching the compressed air hose to the pneumatic stapler.

Push the hose into the connection behind the stapler and then push the trigger several times to start the stapler operation. Beat two or three staples before the actual work begins.

Step 2 - Using the pneumatic stapling gun

When the pneumatic stapler is working properly, take the pieces of material you want to attach together and fasten them to a joiner.

Press the stapler head of the stapler onto the material. Press the trigger to the end so that a staple is delivered.

Warning! Due to the protective systems provided by most pneumatic stapling machines, they will not deliver the staple unless you press the stapling head onto the material and actuate the trigger simultaneously.

Safety of users and people close by first of all!

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