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Rapid Rivet Nut Pliers

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Rapid Rivet Nut Pliers 

- offer an essential and high-quality solution for various fastening applications in home, commercial, and industrial environments.

These pliers are specially designed to provide quick and secure fastening of rivet nuts, ensuring necessary durability and stability.

Made from durable materials and equipped with advanced technology, Rapid rivet nut pliers are resistant to wear and ensure reliable performance under various usage conditions.


Rapid Rivet Nut Pliers

, you can quickly and efficiently fasten materials such as metal, plastic, and other hard materials, saving time and effort.

These tools are easy to use and portable, offering flexibility and adaptability for various fastening projects.

Rivet nut pliers are available in different models and sizes, ensuring perfect compatibility with your needs.

Here are some situations where rivet nut pliers are very useful:


  • Metal fastening - Use the pliers to quickly and securely fasten rivet nuts on metal surfaces.
  • DIY projects - These pliers are ideal for various DIY projects that require rivet nut fastening.
  • Commercial and industrial applications - Rivet nut pliers are essential for durable and stable fastening in commercial and industrial environments.

How do I use a riveter?

Fixing with rivets is easy. In a few, quick steps you will get a tight, secure and permanent bond.

1. Measure the thickness of the two materials to be fixed together. Select the suitable rivet size. View our guide to choose the right rivet size.
Rapid Rivet Nut Pliers
2. Use the drill bit provided with your rivets to make a hole with the required diameter through the materials being fixed together.
Rapid Rivet Nut Pliers
3. Open the handles of the riveter and insert the thin end of the rivet in the nozzle. If you don't have a Multi Nozzle riveter you need to make sure the nozzle matches the rivet diameter.
Rapid Rivet Nut Pliers
4. When the rivet is in the nozzle, slightly squeeze the handles together to grip the rivet. Then place the head of the rivet in the pre-drilled hole.
Rapid Rivet Nut Pliers
5. Close the handles of the riveter several times until the axis pin of the rivet breaks. Now the parts are fixed together.
Rapid Rivet Nut Pliers

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