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Rapid Tools are specialists in fastening tools for applications when building, renovating or decorating.

Innovation is not enouch
At Rapid, we always strive to make our fastening tools better, smarter and more efficient. We call it Effixovation.
Get inspired. See what you can do with our tools.


Fix and repair 

Hot melt glue can be used to bond a lot of materials at home, get some ideas here.

  • Resole shoes
  • Mouldings or frames
  • Broken toys
  • Wooden furniture
  • Join different materials, ex. wood and plastic
  • Porcelain/chinaware

The bonding cools quickly and leaves a strong and reinforced joining of the broken material.

It is also possible to do mouldings and/or re-create shapes where larger chunks of material has been damaged, leaving craters or holes behind.

Attaching cables

  • High and low voltage cables
  • Antenna cables
  • Speaker cables - stereo and home cinema
  • HDMI and other video signal cables
  • Computer network cables
  • Organise and hide cables

Fix without drilling holes

  1. Position mouldings for mirrors and pictures
  2. Ceramic friezes in kitchens
  3. Wall covers
  4. Fix garden fences and furniture
  5. Fix baseboards
  6. Dressing of a chair

For all applications & projects, Rapid offers the ideal tool. Use our recommended glue sticks. 
Use multi colored glue sticks or specific gluesticks – like wood, plastic, metal etc. – for a better result.

B. Hot air gun inspiration 

See some of the things that you can do with a hot air gun and how it can help you in your projects at home.

Application areas

Hot air guns are used in a variety of project from refurbishing old furniture, repairing car bumper, defrost water pipes to fairly advanced applications like cable terminals, car covering or soft welding.

Quickly defrost a water pipe, prefer a high airflow and low temperature.

Desolder electronic components by heating the welding spot thoroughly until the tin softens.

Preparation of skis
A fast way to apply wax on the ski soles.

Shape and bend plastic, copper tubes, plates and pipes. Tubes and pipes must be pre-filled with sand.

Stripping Paint
Almost all the oil varnishes, paints and solvents applied on wood can safely remove by using a hot air gun. Rapid provides wide nozzle for larger surfaces.

Shrink tubing
Repair your phone cable or fix cable terminals together. The tubes retract of 50% and will provide additional protection. Use in combination with a reflective nozzle.

Soft Welding
Overlap plastic sheeting, bituminous materials on the roof.

Remove a sticker or PVC flooring is easy with a wide nozzle.

C. Garden joy 
Transform your garden with a staple gun and some ideas.

For most people, a garden is a thriving place for relaxation where they can settle down and enjoy a cup of coffee.

It’s a dream easily realised. Hotbeds and flowerboxes are easy to make with the simplest of materials … old, worn out sun chairs look good as new with a little new fabric.

After visiting the fabric store, timber yard and nursery, spend a few hours of carpentry and you have a brand-new garden.

Settle into your lovely sun chairs among the buzzing bees and butterflies and enjoy the satisfaction that come from gardening and your own creations.

You already have a pattern in the form of the old fabric. Remove it carefully, place it over the new fabric, and cut out your new sun chair creation. Staple the new fabric in place and rest pretty!

It isn’t particularly difficult to make a hotbed and most gardens have a little plot in the south of their yard. Homegrown strawberries are the best!

Timber, staples, nails and and electric staple gun are all you need to make a flowerbox of wood. Fill it with soil and add plants. Gorgeous!

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