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Rapid Pneumatic Coil Nailers

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Nail guns

Nail guns are efficient tools for major construction work such as framing or roofing. You can also use them to apply interior panels, door frames and other carpentries at home.

Rapid offers a selection of powerful nail guns for both professional and domestic use, combined with a wide range of nails and brads.

Your Guide To Nailing and Nail Guns

Choosing a nail gun starts with defining the type of job it’s going to be used for. These can range from tougher construction jobs such as framing or roofing to finishing or other interior work.

Nail guns are available as pneumatic, gas, high-pressure pneumatic or battery / electric driven models.

What should I think about before buying a nail gun? When planning to buy a nail gun there are three things to consider.

1. What is the project or task that I need to complete?
2. What kind of nail or brad nail do I need to complete the task at hand?
3. What different kinds of nail guns are available for the nail in step 2?

Nail guns are often used on construction sites, but they can also be a handy tool for DIY users and homeowners.

The starting point for identifying the type of nail gun you need is considering what kind of tasks it’s going to be used for and what kind of nail that is required to complete the task.

After you’ve established this, you can start to look at the different types of tool available – perhaps you need a battery-driven gun that offers more mobility or an pneumatic model with more power?

Other factors to consider include weight and ergonomics – these define how long you can work for as well as affecting physical comfort.

What's the difference between brad nailers, framing nailers and a roofing nailers?


When building a house from the ground up, the build is divided into what is called first fix and second fix.

First fix covers the processes undertaken during construction up to the point of applying internal surfaces – typically plaster.

During this phase, framing and roofing nail guns are used due to their ability to deliver larger nails that can withstand heavier loads and keep roofing sheets in place.

Second fix includes all work after the plastering of a finished house. Electrical fixtures are connected to cables, sinks and baths attached to the pipes and doors fitted into doorframes.

Brad nail guns are used for second fix as they are perfect for delivering smaller pins and brad nails, both of which have a lower visual impact.

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