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Aimo Phomemo flag tags

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Don't know which cable is for each device?

With the help of these cable labeling collars you will easily identify each cable. Simply put them around the cables and write down each cable. You will eliminate the chaos!

No mixed cables!

Have you ever unplugged the wrong cable because you couldn't see which device it was connected to in the multitude of cables?
Cable identification tags are very helpful.
Write on the self-adhesive labels the destination of the cable, the glue on the cable with the practical clips.

An electrical panel or a connection panel will look more neat if the marking is done with a printer. The labels will be more readable and we will have the guarantee of durability over time.

Depending on the application (electrical and automation installations, telecommunications, etc.) you can choose different systems for marking wires or cables that are suitable for the environment in which they are located.

The type of labels is usually chosen according to the type of cables and the way the cables will be used - electrical installations, automation, telecommunications.
For flag labeling: place the cable in the middle of the label. Overlap the two parts, creating a flag label.

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