Rapid Large head rivets

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Rapid XL rivet 

have aluminium body and steel mandrel with open-type, large flange head.

Made from robust steel, head is made of aluminium for superior corrosion resistance and excellent overall strength.

Wider and flatter ring part for increased stability and resistance.

Rapid XL rivets are ideal for fastening soft materials, designed for permanent fastening of leather, rubber and plastic to harder materials

XL aluminium rivets are lighter weight but less durable overall.

Combination aluminum rivet - steel mandrel fasteners offer the benefits of both materials.


XL aluminium rivets are ideal for air-conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration equipment.

Operators perform tasks that include new installations, additions, alterations, maintenance and repairs.

When you work as an HVAC service contractor, the success or failure of the work you do is often a function of the materials you use.

That includes even small and seemingly less significant materials like screws and fasteners.

Make sure you're able to deliver the best possible results for your jobs when you choose Rapid XL rivets for the HVAC industry.

Rapid XtraLarge rivets are a type of pop rivet that features a wider flange than conventional rivets.

When installed properly, they provide the extra fastening power required to attach sheet metal or other large materials to a soft frame.

As a result, large flange rivets are frequently employed to install HVAC ducting and aluminum siding, or for woodworking and home construction.

A wider flange means a greater surface area is covered, which reduces the number of rivets required to install a large piece of sheet metal or another fixture.

This not only saves time and money, but it also provides a unique look that is appropriate for certain types of projects.

A larger flange will also be less susceptible to the effects of vibration over time, which makes it an ideal choice for truck and trailer manufacturing.

Rapid XL rivets are available in several different rivet/mandrel combinations

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Rapid XL rivetRapid XL rivet

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