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Dymo Omega printers

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Comfortable, durable and easy to use labeling devices. Perfect for people with hobbies and those who prefer to have an organized home. The perfect tool for kids who want to tag their toys, books, supplies or diaries.
The embeddable labels adhere to any flat surface, smooth and clean, resistant to water, corrosion, abrasion, and to most chemicals. Whether used indoors or outdoors, they are durable and do not slip.

Create decorations with a stamping / embossing Dymo labeling machine

Have you ever thought that you could create decorative objects or accessories with a Dymo labeling / stamping machine?
Comfortable, durable and easy to use, Dymo Omega is a manual tagging device for hobbyists who prefer to grow their own.
A manual labeling machine helps you create the labels you need at home or in the office: CDs, jars and containers for spices in the kitchen, personal belongings, key chains, etc.
The printer is made of solid, high quality plastic and can be used daily for any labeling application.
The plastic strips stick together very well, resisting on a flat surface for a long time, even if they are washed frequently. The embossed characters are clearly imprinted and last a long time.
With the Dymo Embosabil labeling system you make very resistant labels at a super advantageous price.
You don't need batteries!

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