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Rivet diameter: M6 ×


rivet nuts

is a tubular nit with inner thread. Can be installed in a few seconds with the help of RP110 Rivet Nut Pliers.

The rivet nut is mounted in a hole made previously (like any other standard nut) and turns it into a threaded hole.

This type of rivet is used when the surface concerned is too thin to be welded or access through the back, for mounting a nut on a screw, is impossible.

The rivet nut is suitable for all types of sheet metal or pipes in manufacturing processes, when a durable industrial fixing is required.

A rivet nut can be applied to an existing hole if it is of adequate size or to a new hole that can be made to fit the desired nut and screw.

Once the size of the rivet nut has been determined, the RP110 Rivet Nut Plier must be fitted with the appropriate accessories before starting the assembly process.

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