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Knipex Knipex Cobra High-tech Set, 3 x Adjustable Pliers, for Plumbers, Self-Locking Device, Multi-Component Handles, 180-300mm, 002009V02

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Knipex  Cobra High-tech Set

, 3 x

Adjustable Pliers


for Plumbers, Self-Locking Device, Multi-Component Handles

, 180-300 mm, 002009V02

  • The KNIPEX Cobra® are the legendary high-tech water pump pliers from KNIPEX
  • Clearly organized tool storage
  • Precisely sized organizer for holding pliers
  • Storage tray dimensions (L x W x H): 170 x 370 x 40 mm
  • Storage tray material: black plastic
  • Equipped with KNIPEX Cobra® high-tech water pump pliers in five different lengths from 180 to 300 mm
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PN: 00 20 09 V02

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Knipex Cobra High-tech Set, 3 x Adjustable Pliers, for Plumbers, Self-Locking Device, Multi-Component Handles, 150-300mm, 001955S9

KNIPEX Cobra High-tech adjustable pliers, KNIPEX Cobra® - the Hightech Water Pump Pliers. No more time-consuming presetting of the required opening size. Just position the upper jaw to the workpiece, push button and move close the lower jaw, ingeniously simple.

High-tech water pump pliers with fast adjustment and multi-component handle

Adjust directly on the component using slide function

The benefits of working with the Knipex Cobra are plain to see: these water pump pliers are light and stable, thanks to the unique QuickSet technology can be adjusted as quick as a flash on the component and are self-locking on pipes and nuts. The QuickSet function supplements all proven properties of the Knipex Cobra, adding a slide function for easier working in very confined and inaccessible places.

Grip quickly, adjust finely

For pipes, nuts, sleeves, for various kinds of components: slide the Knipex Cobra QuickSet open completely, place the upper jaw on the component and push the lower handle of the pliers up the component. The spring-loaded hinge bolt locks securely into place and can only be moved again by pressing the QuickSet button. Thanks to the 25-fold fine adjustment, the Cobra QuickSet can be ideally adjusted to different sizes of the component. This fine adjustment also makes sure that the distance to the handles remains hand-friendly for every opening width.

The Knipex Cobra QuickSet clamps onto the component securely by itself thanks to the jaw geometry developed by Knipex. This means the user can put all energy into the desired movement without pressing the pliers handle together – and thus without energy loss: round components can be turned, bolted connections tightened and released.

Tough and strong

We forge the Cobra QuickSet from chrome vanadium steel and use a multiple stage hardening process to give it the ideal balance between hardness and toughness. This makes it extremely durable. To achieve a lasting secure “bite” on the work component, we use high-frequency current to bring the gripping teeth to a hardness of approx. 61 HRC.

The Cobra QuickSet is further stabilised by the box joint design. Unlike pliers with mounted joints, no tilting forces arise when under strain. The handles stabilise each other in the joint.

  • Screws, grips, holds, bends and presses
  • For joint work with big or small screws
  • Protects sensitive surfaces
  • Works directly on chrome, brass or other sensitive surfaces.
  • Quick adjustment per component at the touch of a button
  • No accidental adjustment
  • Time saving according to the ratchet principle.
  • 10 x manual force enhancement
  • Movable vise for mini workbench
  • Reliable and durable
  • Made of high performance chrome vanadium steel
  • Oil hardened
  • Made in Germany

Package Contents:
  • 1 x Storage tray
  • 1 x Wrench Pliers 180mm
  • 1 x Wrench Pliers 250mm
  • 1 x Wrench Pliers 300mm

Weight - 1,255 g
REACH compliant does not contain SVHC  

Package Contents: 1 x Cleste Cheie 180mm, 1 x Cleste Cheie 250mm, 1 x Cleste Cheie 300mm, 1 x Tava de depozitare

Color: Black, Red

Overall length: 180-300 mm

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