RAPID Rapid PRO LIG150 Vine Pliers, high capacity magazine and 2 boxes of C50 / 4-14mm vine staples, galvanized, 4.200/box

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Rapid LIG150 Vine Pliers, with magazine and a total of 8400 galvanized vine staples C50 / 4-14mm

Professional vine pliers, with a high capacity retention and ideal for securing the branches. Designed for optimal performance with C50, LIG150 rings, it offers a closure diameter of 4-14 mm. Steel construction, ergonomic handle and easy loading mechanism optimize user comfort and results.
The promotional package consists of:
1x Rapid PRO LIG150 Vine Pliers, C50/4-14mm
2x Rapid C50 Vine Hogrings Steel 4-14mm 4.200 pcs/box

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Rapid LIG150 Vine Pliers, with magazine and a total of 8400 galvanized vine staples C50 / 4-14mm .

1 x 
Rapid PRO LIG150 Vine Pliers, C50/4-14mm. Using C50 galvanized steel and C50 aluminum staples, LIG150 pliers offer you a high quality fixing solution for branches with a diameter of 4 to 14 mm. LIG 150 can work in all climatic conditions, it does not need maintenance. LIG 150 is a fast, efficient and easy way to tie the shoots of the vine (increasing the production of grapes) or other products.
You work all the time with a free hand, with which to fix the shoots on the wire! Next spring you will no longer have labor to cut ties!

2 x Rapid C50 Vine Hogrings Steel 4-14mm 4.200 pcs/box ,made of high quality steel. It is the ideal solution for tying branches and vine shoots with a diameter of 4-14 mm. The steel from which the staples are made is soft, elastic and expands with the shoot, without strangling it. In the spring, the duration of "untying" is reduced, just pull the shoot and it comes off easily from the staple grip.

You can fix plants, shrubs, fruit trees and vines, with branches that have a diameter of 4 to 14 mm.

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