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Rapid stainless steel rivets

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Rivet diameter: 3.2 mm ×
Riveting with stainless steel rivets presents advantages and challenges


stainless steel rivets

are stainless steel fasteners that have solid construction designed for use in demanding applications.

They are used for permanent installation applications and are installed into pre-drilled holes using a rivet hammer or gun that deforms the tail and causes the rivet to expand, permanently joining the two parts.

Stainless steel solid rivets provide high tensile strength and temperature resistance, and are extremely resistant to corrosion.

Stainless steel rivets are also more difficult to upset due to the material strength of the rivets which requires more impact riveting force to upset the shank side of the rivet.

Stainless steel rivets often require coatings or lubricants to be applied prior to impacting them due to the likelihood of rivet cracking and/or galling of the forming tool.

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