RAPID Rapid 9/15 Galvanized Headless Pins, High Performance, 15mm, 1000 pins/blister 40109538

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Galvanized Headless Pins

, high performance, are specially designed for discreet or invisible applications, when

mounting windows 

or interior doors and pins (nail without head) must be invisible.

EAN Code: 3221631095389
PN: 40109538
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Rapid 9/15 Galvanized Headless Pins, High Performance, 15mm, 1000 pins/blister 40109538

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Rapid 9/15 Galvanized Headless Pins are recommended for finishing works in carpentry or joinery, mounting storage, door or window framing. Made of galvanized steel.
They do not rust due to the galvanized steel wire from which they are made. Optimal penetration due to precisely cut tips. Leave holes 1.25 mm in diameter when removed.

Ideal for finishing in carpentry or joinery, mounting storage, frames, door or window framing. Recommended for small repair works, crafts, decorations and finishes.

  • Made of galvanized steel
  • Specially designed for discrete or invisible applications
  • Cut with great precision for optimal penetration
  • Numerical system for easy selection and purchase
  • Packing: 1000 pins/plastic box

Use with Rapid MS4.1 and Rapid Multitacker

  • Pins type: 9
  • Length: 15 mm
  • Material: galvanized steel

Pin type: 9

Pin height: 15 mm

Pin Material: Galvanized

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