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Eylet diameter: 8 mm ×


eyelets for leather

, fabrics, curtains or tarps

Use eyelets to reinforce holes made in different types of materials, such as leather, curtains, drapes and other fabrics.

Stronger eyelets can be used for tarps, boat covers, banners, etc. The eyelets are very easy to fix with the help of a pliers.

Classic eyelets is versatile and is often used in holes for shoes laces, handicrafts, as fashionable decorative elements or for interior decoration.

They are usually used for non-sewable products.

The eyelets can be made of stainless steel or brass and are available in several colors and sizes.

The 4.5mm and 8mm eyelets can be fastened with a hammer or eye pliers.

The eyelets with an internal diameter of 11 mm and 14 mm can only be fastened with a pliers or a special press and rarely with a hammer.

The eyelets must be fastened so that they can no longer be opened and remain on the fabric even if it is slightly deformed by stretching.

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