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RAPID Rapid Professional PRO-T Glue Stick PVC & Cable, clear, Ø12mm x 190mm EVA basis, 1 kg/bag 40302768

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Professional PRO-T

Glue Stick 

PVC & Cable is high performance

thermo-adhesive glue 

that melts when heated in a glue gun. The adhesive fills quickly the gaps and sticks to the materials. For PVC, plastics, cables, glass, porous materials, fibrous materials. Will work perfectly for multi purpose.
Long Glue Stick EvaLong Glue Stick EvaSolvent Free12 Diameter




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Rapid Professional PRO-T Glue Stick PVC & Cable after heating and melting in a soldering gun ensures a quality soldering due to the high level of EVA resin. Find out what EVA means! click here!

The low viscosity of the molten adhesive allows a high flow rate which leads to increased productivity.

PRO-T Professional Hot Melt Adhesives liquefy when heated and quickly fill gaps and stick to the materials. They cool, harden and reach high bond strength in several seconds. They also allow to move assemblies immediately open time to eliminate clamps and reduce drying time.

Open time on universal silicone bonding - the time in which it is possible to act on the adhesive and change a little the position of the two glued materials.
Set time - the time required for drying and hardening of the solder.

Recommended for bonding a wide range of materials, such as: sanitary, cables, porous materials.

  • Unlimited in standard ambient conditions: 15 to 35°C. Store away from heat. Store in dry, dust free, and well ventilated environment. Keep in cool and dark area.

  • Ø12 mm
  • Stick length 190 mm
  • High levels of resin EVA   
  • Color: clear
  • Application temperature: 160°C - 200°C according to the type of applicator and used materials
  • Melting point: 81°C - 84°C
  • Open time: 30 sec
  • Set time: 30 sec
  • The sum of the two parameters is total time required for a solder to become 100% final.

Packaging: 190 mm long silicone sticks, 1 kg in a plastic bag.

Use with Rapid glue guns EG212, EG250, CG270, EG280, BGX300, EG310, EG320, EG330, EG340, EG360, EG380or any glue gun that uses silicone sticks 12 mm diameter use this kind of glue.

  • Diameter: 12 mm
  • Stick length: 190 mm
  • Adhesive type: Sanitary & Cable
  • Color: white
  • High EVA content: YES
  • Weight: 1030 g

Using domain: Industrial

Application / use of glue: PVC/Cables

Glue stick/type diameter: 12 Ø

Glue color: Clear

Color: Clear

Category: Profesional

Suprafata De Lucru: Plastic

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