Knipex Universal Cable Stripping Tool for COAX, Network, and Telephone Cables KNIPEX 16 60 06 SB, 125 mm

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 Stripping Tool 
for COAX, 

Network and Telephone Cables KNIPEX 16 60 06 SB

   The most versatile stripping cable for RG 59, RG 6, RG 7, RG 11 coaxial cables;
   Recommended for stripping the outer layer (shielding and insulation) in a single operation;
   Adjustable blade for stripping data cables;
   Two stripping blades for cutting and detaching in a single working stage the flat cable sleeve for mobile phones (4P/6P/8P);
   Integrated blade for cutting data cables;
   Plastic impact proof;
● ​​​​​​  The ideal tool in telecom, fiber optics, CATV, in the electronics industry and residential cabling;
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Universal Cable Stripping Tool for COAX, Network, and Telephone Cables KNIPEX 16 60 06 SB, 125 mm

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Universal Cable Stripping Tool for COAX, Network, and Telephone Cables KNIPEX 16 60 06 SB
5 in 1, the most useful tool for preparing cables in daily applications.

Use for coaxial, round network and flat cables. This versatile tool is five tools in one.

The universal decoder is designed to strip COAX, network, and telephone cables for quick and easy plugging.


• Included blade cartridge offers a 2-level cutter for COAX RG59, RG6, RG7 and RG11 cables for crimping with F, BNC and RCA type connectors
• Durable high carbon steel blades
• The cartridge is reversible for ambidextrous use
• Adjustable stripping hole is used to peel off CAT3 / 4 / 5e / 6 / 6A PVC network cables
• Cutter included to cut all types of cables
• Separate slot included for cutting and stripping flat telephone cable and 4P / 6P / 8P cable
• Large finger loop ensures smooth rotation during use

The KNIPEX 16 60 06 SB decoder is perfect for most stripping applications!

• Recommended for stripping CAT 5 cable.
• Cut and strip 4, 6 or 8 wire flat cable

  • Product type: Wire Stripping tool
  • Use: home, professional
  • Cable type: Universal
  • Number of operations: 5 in 1
  • Material: Plastic impact proof
  • Color: Red
  • Dimensions: 125 x 120 x 23 mm
  • Weight: 100 g


Product often bought with Compression crimping pliers sockets F, BNC, RCA coaxial cable KNIPEX

Package Contents: 1 x Decablator universal cabluri coaxiale si cabluri date/telefonie KNIPEX 16 60 06 SB, 125 mm

Material: Plastic rezistent la impact

Overall length: 125mm

Color: Red

Cristian Lazarescu,

Un produs eficient, foarte util si nu in ultimul rand... Knipex!

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