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ENGINEER Side cutting pliers, screw removal, ENGINEER PZ-78, 225 mm, made in Japan

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Side cutting pliers


screw removal


ENGINEER PZ-78, 225 mm

, made in Japan

  • Equipped with jaws with vertical grooves for removing worn or rusty screws and generous cutter (21 mm) for cutting 3-wire flat cable, lug crimping area (AWG16 ~ 12)
  • The jaws have an area with interlocking parallel teeth, to grab necklaces or thin plates
  • Cuts copper wires Ø 4 mm, steel Ø 2 mm, hard wire Ø 3.5 mm
  • Successfully extracts screws: broken head, rusted, torx or semi-buried head
  • The shape of the handles ensures a high leverage - 30% more cutting power compared to ordinary universal pliers/patents
  • The unique internal shape of the handle helps prevent the sleeve from twisting
  • Ideal for intensive daily use
  • Eccentric tool with high leverage, powerful cutting and gripping
  • Cannot remove tight screws with powerful, heat treated or welded tools
  • Made in Japan
  • Images are for presentation purposes only
  • Product recommended by the Romanian Association of Electricians!


PN: PZ-78

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Side cutting pliers, screw removal, ENGINEER PZ-78 With unique screw removal jaws and cable

  •     Cable cutter, ideal for 3-core flat cable, too
  •     Crimper for bare terminals (AWG16~12)
  •     Eccentric high leverage structure, powerful cutting and gripping
  •     With unique screw extractor
 cleste suruburi rupte
cleste suruburi rupte


  •     Side Jaws remove nuts easily
  •     High Leverage - 30% more cutting power compared to conventional pliers
  •     Crimper for bare terminals 1.25 ~ 3.5 mm²
  •     Strap Hole
  •     2-way non-slip gripping jaw
  •     Vertical serrations (4mm) to grip a screw head securely
  •     Horizontal serrations to hold a tie band and a thin plate
  •     Cutting Capacities
cleste suruburi rupte
Cable / Wire Type Cutting Capacity
Flat Cable diam. 2.6 mm x 3 cores
Hard Wire diam. 3.2 mm
Copper Wire diam. 4 mm
Stainless Wire diam. 2 mm
Stranded Wire 8 mm²

    Removable Screws: Stripped, Rusted, Torx, Dome Head
cleste suruburi rupte
    Dome (Truss) Head, Round or Pan Head, Screw head: diam. 3 to 9.5 mm
    Heavy-duty T-shaped handles: This unique handle shape helps to prevent the handle sleeve from twisting or turning round, good for heavy users. Light weight (20% less in-house comparison)

Engineer PZ 78
ENGINEER PZ-78, 225mm, 350g, green


  • The tool may not remove specially-hardened, heat-treated or glued screws
  • Be sure to apply this tool to a screw head, but not to screw thread

Product recommended by the Romanian Association of Electricians!

Material: Otel carbon

Overall length: 225mm

Cutting head width: 27mm

Length of cut: 21mm

Maximum diameter: 4mm

Protection working under voltage: Nu

Package Contents: Cleste patent combinat extragere suruburi rupte ENGINEER PZ-78, 225mm, 350g, verde

Produced: Made in Japan

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Mihai Ștefan,

Un cleste excelent pentru orice tip de lucru acasă sau la lucru.


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Stanciu Catalin Ioan,

E impecabil; nu ai ce sa-i reprosezi.


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Super cleste! Sunt foarte multumit de calitate!


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Daniel Olariu,



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Eugen Tugui,

Produs exact ca in descriere! Foarte multumit!


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Adrian Alexe,

Excelent! Nu cred că mai ai nevoie de un alt patent, 3 in 1, muchia de taiere mai mare decât la tot ce am văzut pe piața, extractor de șuruburi și crimper pentru cleme pe fir. O mică precizare de la producător - nu este pentru lucrul sub tensiune, nici nu se lucrează sub tensiune. După caz, luați scule certificate pentru lucrul sub tensiune, mânere garantate pentru situația întâlnită în teren.


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