SANCO Tools Adhesive tape packing, 48mm x 66m, 45 microns, brown

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Adhesive tape packing

, 48mm x 66m, brown, ideal for


, closing or

hardening boxes

of small and medium size, with low or medium weight, subject to common conditions of handling, temperature and transport. Can be used at home, in the office and industry. Due to the acrylic adhesive they easily adhere to different materials: plastic, paper, cardboard, wood, etc.


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Adhesive tape packing, 48mm x 66m, 45 microns, brown

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Adhesive tape packing, 48mm wide, brown, recommended for packing but also for everyday use. The rollers have a length of 66 m. The support material is made of polypropylene and has acrylic adhesive. Recommendations for use: office work, industrial packing activities or for domestic use.

It is the most common and used tape and is used especially for the packing (closing) of small and medium-sized small and medium-sized boxes, subject to common handling, temperature and transport conditions. The tape has a very large area of applicability and is used in almost all areas being very easy to use.

Adherence to hard, shiny or corrugated surfaces.

  •  stored in an environment with a temperature in the range of 18 - 20℃
  •  the product should not be exposed directly to heat and humidity
  •  The product should be kept at room temperature before use

Technical specifications:

Support: polypropylene
Adhesive: acrylic
Color: brown
Width: 48 mm
Length: 66 m
Elongation: 140 +/- 5 %
Support thickness: 25 microns
Application temperature: min 5℃ / max 70℃

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