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DYMO LabelWriter 550 label maker, thermal label printer, PC connection, label recognition sensor, Dymo LW 2112722

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LabelWriter 550 label maker,

 thermal label printer,

 PC connection, 

label recognition sensor,


LW 2112722

  Automatic label recognition sensor, see size, type and number of remaining labels;
  Fast printing, up to 20% faster than DYMO LabelWriter 450;
  Works only with original DYMO LabelWriter and DYMO LabelWriter Durable labels;
  Label printer that allows you to print one or more labels without labeled paper jams, no layout problems, and no unnecessary waste!;
  Connect to PC via USB cable;
  Free DYMO Connect or DYMO Label Software v.8 software for fast layout and printing of labels on a Mac or PC, or use Microsoft Office plugins to print directly from Word, Excel or Outlook;
  Direct thermal printing technology eliminates the need for expensive ink cartridges or toner for the printer;
  Print speed 62 labels/minute;
  Print resolution: 300 dpi;
  Print barcodes;
  Pre-loaded label templates in DYMO Label Software make it easy to quickly customize labels;
  Labels available in more than 30 sizes for packages, product translations, bookcase or booklet labels, barcode labels, visitor or event badge badges, archiving, shipping, storage, identification, and more;
  Paper labels are FSC certified and do not contain BPA;
  The packaging is made of 80% recycled materials and FSC certified;
  The images are for presentation purposes only.



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LabelWriter 550 label maker is ideal for printing transport labels (AWBs, freight forwarding), address labels, document storage labels, custom badges or barcodes at a speed of 62 labels/minute.

The thermal printer is equipped with LEDs that indicate the power supply and the connection method.

This Dymo LabelWriter 550 labeling machine is equipped with a sensor for recognizing the label roll used. Always see the type of labels used, the dimensions of the label and the number of labels left on the roll!

WARNING! Dymo Labelwriter 550 uses only with original Dymo labels!

Original Labels

USB cable connection to PC or Mac.

Direct thermal printing technology permanently eliminates the costs of ink cartridges, ribbons or toners but also the complications with labeled sheets.

The graphic mode with a resolution of 600 x 300 dpi allows obtaining texts, graphics and barcodes of a special clarity and in the sleep mode (Sleep Mode) it saves energy.

The print speed is 62 labels/minute, set for address labels, 4 lines of text, no graphics. The printing speed can be increased when using labels with smaller formats and with a minimum of printed information (inventory number, plain text 1 line), and can reach over 100 labels/minute.

DYMO LabelWriter 550 Thermal Label Printer is a labeling solution that helps you print barcode labels for your warehouse or store. with a Dymo LabelWriter thermal printer you can improve your image in front of customers and you can gain their trust much faster


Create stunning black lettering labels using original Dymo LabelWriter thermal labels such as: visitor IDs, mailing labels, marking archives and folders, office labels.
In the industry they have a wide range of applications: indications for use, labeling shelves and cabinets, packaging labels, transport and courier.

• In stores you can quickly print price tags and / or barcodes, promotional price tags, labeling shelves and cabinets.

• In HoReCa: labeling food samples, shelves and more.

Other applications

• Inventory: inventory numbers, barcode;
• Visitor management: adhesive badges or non-adhesive labels for cushion holders, bar code access tickets;
• Courier: self-adhesive labels for correspondence or parcels;
• Organization and archiving: labels for files, bookshelves, archiving boxes, archiving containers, files, cabinets, shelves;
• Laboratories and medical clinics: labels of samples, reagents, chemicals;
• Stores, jewelry, medical optics: price tags, barcode labels, eyeglass frame labels, clothing accessories, etc.

Easily print a single label or hundreds of labels, no label paper jams, no layout problems and no unnecessarily wasted materials and time!

DYMO LabelWriter 550 Series thermal printers use advanced direct thermal printing technology to print labels on specially treated, heat-sensitive paper. This means that you will never need to replace toner, ink cartridges, or ribbon to print labels.

The product warranty does not cover any defects due to the use of other types of labels than the Original Dymo.
Because DYMO LabelWriter 550 series printers use direct thermal printing technology, you must use specially designed and manufactured labels. Thermal coatings used on labels, other than genuine DYMO labels, may not be compatible and may provide unsatisfactory printing or may cause the printer to malfunction.

How long your tags will last depends on how the tags are used. Thermal paper labels, such as those printed with a 550 series Dymo LabelWriter printer, can be blurred in two ways:

• Exposure to direct sunlight, long-term fluorescent light or extreme heat will cause fading.
• Contact with plasticizers (eg labels placed on plastic ring binders) will cause fading.

In the original packaging, the shelf life for the original DYMO LabelWriter labels is 18 months.

When labels are used for short-term applications (envelopes, packages, etc.), discoloration is not a problem.

When labels are used to label files in a closet, discoloration is gradual over several years.
Labels affixed to the edge of a bookcase that is then placed on a shelf in the sun will show signs of fading in a few months.

To extend the life of labels when not in use, store labels in a cool, dry place in the box in which they were originally packaged.

Labeling and printing of labels

This 550 series Dymo Label Writer labeling machine works with DYMO Connect software to make it easier to design and print labels. You can also print labels directly from Microsoft Word with the DYMO Label Add-In. The add-in is installed automatically when you install DYMO Connect software for Desktop, if Microsoft Word is installed on your computer.

System requirements

The LabelWriter label printer requires one of the following:

• Windows 8.1 or later;
• macOS High Sierra v10.14 or later.

Dymo LabelWriter 550 Series thermal printers only work with genuine DYMO LabelWriter labels. 
Non-authentic DYMO labels will not be recognized by printers!

The Dymo LabelWriter 550 Series Thermal Printer is designed to provide you with long and trouble-free services while requiring very little maintenance.

In order for your Dymo LabelWriter printer to work properly, you should clean it from time to time. Occasional maintenance of the printer will help prevent foreign matter from entering the printer. However, it is a good idea to periodically perform basic interior maintenance, such as cleaning the label path with a LabelWriter cleaning card (available at www.sancogrup.ro).


• Prints at speeds up to 62 labels/minute;
• Connects to PC via USB cable;
• Free software: DYMO Connect or DYMO Label v.8;
• Create labels using Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, QuickBooks etc;
• Print address labels directly from Outlook or other electronic directories.

The package contains:
  • Dymo LabelWriter 550 printer
  • 1 roll of address labels 89mm x 36mm, 160 labels / roll 99012
  • 1 roll of label LW plastic white, durable, multifunctional, 25mm x 54mm, 160pcs/roll 2112283
  • EU Standard network adapter
  • Power cord
  • USB 2.0 cable
  • User manual in Romanian - free download

  • Label printing type: Direct thermal
  • Print resolution: 300 x 300 dpi
  • Cutter Type: Manual
  • Connection: USB 2.0 cable
  • Fields of Activity: Data Centers, Education, Hospitality (HORECA), Production, Offices, Health
  • Applications: Correspondence and Courier, Retail, Public Catering Services, Visitor Management, Clinics and Medical Laboratories
  • Label width: up to 59 mm
  • Functions: USB Port, Bold Writing, Italic, Underline, Vertical, Fixed Length
  • Consumables Used: LabelWriter (LW) Labels, LabelWriter (LW) Durable Labels
  • Power Type (V): 230V
  • Number of Characters Size: Unlimited connected to PC or Mac
  • Library Symbols: Unlimited
  • Range: Label Writer
  • Weight: 654 g
  • Dimensions: 127x187x134 mm
  • Warranty: 2 years

Download free software here!

Software DYMO labels after the last update Microsoft Windows

CLICK for Dymo LabelWriter User Guide

Applications: Home Organization, General Identification, Mailing & Shipping, Retail, Assets, Barcoding, Electrical, Administratie, Distributie, Productie, Servicii, 5S Visual Identification

Maximum label width: 59 mm

Resolution (Dpi): 600 x 300 DPI

Memory: Unlimited when connected to PC

Barcode: Yes

Screen: No

PC Connection: USB Cable

Compatible operating systems: Windows 7 or later

Power Supply: 230V AC Source

Functions: Buton ON/OFF, Automatic shutdown, Coduri de Bare, Opritor antialunecare banda etichete, Mod litere mari

Library Symbols: Unlimited*

Battery type / number: Nu

Text lines No: Unlimited

Cutter Type: Automated

Fonts Type: Normal, Toate existente in stoftul actualizat, Bold, Italic, Underline

Vertical writing: Yes

Mirror writing: Yes

Weight: 654 g

Package Contents: 1 rola etichete adresa 89mm x 36mm, 160 etichete/rola 99012, Cablu alimentare, Imprimanta Dymo LabelWriter 550, Adaptor la retea Standard EU, 1 rola etich LW plastic albe, durabile, multifunctionale, 25mm x 54mm, 160buc/rola 2112283, USB Cable 2.0

Warranty: 2 years

Color: Black

Utilizare: Universal

No printed labels / min: 68

Range: Dymo LabelWriter

Consumables Used: Etichete LabelWriter Dymo Originale

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