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Brother Brother Genuine PTouch TZEFX231 flexible 12mm x 8m, black on white, laminated, wires and cables identification TZe-FX231

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Flexible labels Brother



, 12mm x 8m, black/white



  • Made of flexible nylon with industrial adhesive
  • Molds and glues tightly to cables, wires, curved and textured surfaces
  • Resistant to breakage, damage when pulled through narrow spaces or pipes
  • The adhesive protection paper is pre-cut for trouble-free application
  • Industrial adhesive withstands moisture, extreme temperatures, UV light and more so that labels do not bend or fall off
  • Thermal transfer printing technology - the label text will not be stained, discolored or faded, and you will not need expensive cartridges or toners
  • Works with the Brother P-Touch label makers range including the Brother PT-105 and Aimo E1000
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Brother Genuine PTouch TZEFX231 flexible 12mm x 8m which molds and sticks tightly to clean wires, cables, curved and textured surfaces.

Product description:

They are resistant to breakage, damage when pulled through narrow spaces or pipes. 

Original Brother TZeFX231 labels have clear text that lasts over time. They were created to withstand temperature variations, chemicals, abrasion, sunlight. 

With the original Brother TZeFX231 flexible sticker labels, you can easily label goods with inventory numbers or barcodes without the use of writing tools. 

Provides fast and permanent labeling, reducing the duration of repair interventions. 

Whether you need a professional labeling solution for your office, industry or home, Brother TZe flexible laminate labels have been designed with your needs in mind, with Brother analyzing exactly when, where and how you might need to use Brother Original labels. 

A series of tests demonstrate how Brother TZ laminate labels are resistant to strong abrasion, heat, cold, sun, water and chemicals. 

Unlike non-laminated labels, the technology used by Brother for TZe laminated label tapes applies a super-clear polyethylene laminate to protect your text.

Brother TZeFX231 laminated flexible label strips are made of six layers of material, resulting in a thin, extremely strong label. The characters are printed with a heat transfer ink and are interspersed between two protective layers of PET (polyethylene foil). 

The result is an indestructible label that can withstand harsh conditions. 

Brother assures us of the durability of laminated labels because they have been tested to the extreme. The results show that Brother TZe laminated labels remain legible and attached, so you can trust a professional-quality label that has been designed to last. 

Brother Original offers performance and reliability 

Brother Original TZeFX231 labels are water, tear and stain resistant. They have a strong adhesive support that adheres to most surfaces. 

Protect your investment using only Brother Original supplies!
  •     Brother TZeFX original flexible labels adhere to most flat, curved, textured but clean surfaces;
  •     Labels can be applied wrapped or flagged;
  •     Brother TZe Genuine Label Tape casettes install quickly and easily on your Ptouch. 
  •     The adhesive protection is pre-cut, for easy peeling and a quick and trouble-free application;
  •     Thermal transfer printing technology - does not require ink or toner;
  •     The special adhesive adheres to most types of flat, curved, textured surfaces, including plastic, paper, metal, wood, glass;
  •     Labeling tape in continuous mode and the ribbon is in the same box. 

Warning! The tape cassette is loaded correctly only if a "click" is heard when you attach it to the Brother PTouch thermal printer

  •     Manufacturer: Brother 
  •     Product type: Label tapes 
  •     Printing technology: heat transfer 
  •     Width: 12 mm 
  •     Length: 8 m 
  •     Label color: White 
  •     Written color: Black 
  •     Material type: flexible 
  •     Adhesive type: Permanent 
  •     Compatible brand: Brother 
  •     Device series: PTouch 
  •     Usage: Home, Office, Industry 
  •     Applications: Administration, Distribution, Production, Retail, Services, Transport 

Self-adhesive labels for cables, wires, curved and textured surfaces.
From curved textured surfaces to cables and wires, use original flexible Brother PTouch TZeFX231 labels!

Works with: PT-105H pt300 310 320 330 520 530 1400 1500PC 2430PC 1650 7600 1700 1750 1800 1830 1900 1950 2030AD 2200 2300 2350 2500pc 2600 2700 2730 9200pc 9200dx 9400 9500pc 9600 ptd400 ptd400ad ptd400vp ptd450 ptd600 pth500li ptp700 ptp750w pt2730 pt2730vp brother ptd400 ptd400ad ptd600 ptd600vp

Applications: Clinics and Medical Laboratories, Home Organization, General Identification, Mailing & Shipping, Networking Components, Pro AV/Security, Retail, Assets, Cables & Wires, Electrical, Facilities & MRO, Administratie, Productie, Servicii, Hobby

Presized: No

Pre-Sized Labels: Nu

Etichete in coala: Nu

Etichete Avertizare/Semnalizare: Nu

Utilizare: Business, Home & office, Industrial

Color: Negru / Alb, Black/White

Text Color/Support color:


Maximum label width: 12 mm

Tape material: Vinyl

Label type: Adhesive tape

Tape width: 12 mm

Tape length: 8 m

Range: Brother P-Touch

Adhesive: Permanent

Produced: Fabricat in Non - EU

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