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Knipex KNIPEX 70 06 160 Diagonal cutter pliers VDE, elongated blades, 160 mm

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cutter pliers 


   Indispensable diagonal cutting pliers for universal use;
   High quality material and precise processing for a long life;
   Precision cutting blades for soft and strong cables/wires;
   Precise and fine cutting of thin copper wires, even at the tips of cutting blades;
   Cutting edges further hardened by induction, the hardness of the cutting edge approx. 62 HRC;
   Narrow and beveled head design for use in confined areas;
● ​​​​​​  VDE tested safety in use up to 1000 volts;
  Vanadium steel, forged, hardened in oil in several stages;
  Chrome finish, rust protection;
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KNIPEX 70 06 160 Cleste taiere diagonala VDE with versatile, chrome-plated diagonal cutting blades, length 160 mm

Optimized for the daily work of craftsmen and insulated up to 1000 V

Long appreciated by many craftsmen - KINPEX diagonal cutting pliers, with insulated handles up to 1000 V, with a length of 160 mm, is a classic in the Knipex range.

From the shape of the head to the polishing and hardness of the cutting edges, it is customized for the various cutting tasks in the daily work of electricians, mechanical engineers and electronic engineers.

Diagonal cutting blades on the Knipex 70 06 160 pliers are insulated using multi-component handles in accordance with the IEC 60900 / DIN EN 60900 insulation standard.

Universal cutting capacity

With cutting capacities up to Ø 2.0 mm for hard wire (eg multi-wire steel cable) and up to Ø 4.0 mm for soft wire (eg copper wire), diagonal cutting pliers Knipex 70 06 160 offers a wide range of applications.

The long cutting edges make them ideal for cutting cable. These are extremely carefully and precisely machined and allow the precision cutting of even very fine threads to the tips of the cutting edges. This is a great advantage where space is tight, for example when shortening fine wires in junction boxes and distribution boxes.

Tough and durable

The diagonal cutting blades of the pliers are forged from vanadium electric steel and are hardened by heating them and then extinguishing them in oil. In order to obtain a precise permanent cut, high frequency current is additionally used to give the cutting blades a hardness of approx. 62 HRC.

Chrome plating is an effective protection against rust, which bears fruit during outdoor use, for example. Thanks to the chrome plating, the diagonal cutting blades are particularly easy to clean.

Precise cuts to the tips of the cutting edges

You can see how good the diagonal cutters are after cutting. Knipex diagonal cutting blades offer long lasting performance. In addition to the forged metal parts made of vanadium electric steel, the most important quality criteria at Knipex include the precise machining of tool steel made in Germany.

The cutting blades are cut very precisely. Knipex 70 06 160 blade length and sharpness are designed for high performance - even in tight spaces. The high quality and hardness of the blades guarantee a long service life.

  • Product type: Cutter pliers
  • Cutting type: Diagonal
  • Usage: Professional
  • Material: Vanadium steel
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Handles: insulated with multi-component handles, VDE tested
  • Color: Red/yellow
  • Standard: DIN ISO 5749 DIN EN 60900 IEC 60900
  • Soft wire cutting capacity (diameter): Ø 4.0 mm
  • Medium hard wire cutting capacities (diameter): Ø 3.0 mm
  • Hard wire cutting capacity (diameter): Ø 2 mm
  • VDE test: YES
  • Dimensions: 160 x 55 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 216 g

Package Contents: 1 x KNIPEX 70 06 160 Cleste taiere diagonala VDE, lame alungite, 160 mm

Material: Otel vanadiu, PVC

Color: Red, Yellow

Overall length: 160 mm

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