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RAPID Rapid PRO 606 electric stapler gun and metallic briefcase kit, staples and nails, adjustable impact setting, dual magazine, staples 606/12-25mm, nails 8/15-25mm, 3.5 meter power cord 10643015

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PRO 606

electric stapler 

gun and

metallic briefcase 

kit is the perfect solution for professional applications. Strong and precise stapling. Designed to deliver high performance for a long and demanding life. R606 is suitable for works involving both hardwood and softwood. Perfect for the production of small furniture, such as frames, drawers, packaging and for assembling parquet, floor, lip or wooden rods.
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Rapid PRO 606 electric stapler gun and metallic briefcase kit - built with sturdy parts. Equipped with a removable front plate that allows quick fixing of blockages. 3.5 meter long power cord that increases accessibility and efficiency.

The electric staplers are provided with protection against accidental tripping and have a solid plastic handle, non-slip and very well balanced for safe work.

  • Uses Rapid 606 narrow crown staples (12-25 mm) and Rapid 8 nails (15-25 mm)
  • Impact force adjustable by Focused power - the higher the power, the deeper the penetration of consumables
  • Detachable front plate for easy removal of blocked staples
  • Guide plate to help mount the panel clip
  • Rebound shock absorber
  • Safety trigger
  • 3.5 meter long power cord
  • Dual staple magazine with narrow crown and nails
  • 2 year warranty!

The kit contains: electric stapler gun Rapid PRO 606, guide plate, staples 606/25 (600 pcs) and nails 8/25 (1000 pcs), metal carrying case

  • Drive type: electric
  • Supply voltage: 230V
  • Socket type: EU standard
  • Staple type: Rapid 606
  • Staple height: 25 mm
  • Nail Type: Fast 8
  • Nail length: 25 mm
  • Maximum firing rate/min: 20 shots
  • Weight: 3440 g

Staple height: 18mm, 25mm, 12mm, 15mm

Type of staple: 8/4

Power Supply: 230V network power cable

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