RAPID Rapid PRO 28E staple gun cables, semi-round staples “U” 28/9-11 mm, 3-steps force adjuster, cable diameter 4.5 mm, low voltage, 5 year guarantee, made In Sweden 20511710

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Rapid PRO 28E staple gun

cables - unique, superior

cable staple gun

for various demanding professional jobs and precision operation. Specially designed for low voltage cables up to 4.5 mm in diameter, the R28E features a new, patented

easy to squeeze trigger with 3-step force adjuster

which can be set to reflect the material’s hardness or the thickness of the cable. This function also makes the R28E 40% easier to operate. Ideal for regular, professional use when fastening low voltage cables such as speaker, telephone, antenna or computer cables.
Made in Sweden!

Cable Stapler GunCable Stapler Gun





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Rapid PRO 28E staple gun cables specially designed for fixing low voltage cables (speakers, telephone, antenna, network cables, etc.). Can fix cables with a maximum diameter of 4.5 mm (coaxial, UTP, bifilar, etc.)
Recommended for installers of telephone systems, audio/video security systems, cable television distributors and many others. Excellent help during the holiday season when installing light ornamental installations.
System for adjusting the stapling force in 3 steps, depending on the hardness of the material in which the staple is fastened (wood from different essences, wood boards, melamine chipboard, plasterboard, masonry, etc.).
Ergonomic shape for daily, long-term use.

Intelligent system to recover the last staple. You do not have to throw it anymore, because the lever's spring can be deflected without activating the staple head. Just pull the lever slightly to the back of the tacker, close it near the stapler body and secure it. Save on staples and take up less space when storing!
Special shape of the tip of the stapler head, at an angle of 45⁰, to easily fix cables in corners with 90⁰ angles, hinges or in places where other staples would have limited access.
Guide for stretching and straightening cables.
Easy loading through the bottom of the stapler.
All moving parts are attached to the stapler body - you can't lose them!

The tacker PRO R28E stapler is made entirely of metal, with gray handle protection.
Uses divergent semi-round staples, in the form of a "U":
Galvanized - Rapid 28/9, 28/10 and 28/11 
White laminates - Rapid 28/9, 28/10 and 28/11 


  • For cable staple Rapid 28, 9 - 11 mm
  • For 4.5 mm cable
  • 40% easier to operate thanks to a patented easy to squeeze trigger with 3-step force adjuster.
  • All-steel casing and wear parts inside
  • Smooth functioning loading system and recoilless mechanism
  • Ergonomic handle with lock function for easy storage
  • Made in Sweden
  • 5 year guarantee

  • Material: steel
  • Dimensions: 37 x 112 x 183 mm
  • Adjustable force: yes
  • Cable staple type: 28
  • Cable staple height: 9 -11 mm
  • Weight: 880 g

Staple Material: Galvanizated

Staple shape: U

Staple height: 9mm, 10mm, 11mm

Type of staple: 28/9, 28/10, 28/11

Staple guns material: Otel

Produced: Made in Sweden

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