RAPID Rapid Pneumatic Micropinner PRO PMP171, pins 23/15-35mm, sequential actuation trigger, 360° adjustable air exhaust, hex wrench, 3 pneumatic fittings, incl 500 micropins Rapid 23/25, 5001345

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Rapid Pneumatic Micro pinner

PRO PMP171 is recommended for precision joinery works, with almost invisible results. PN21-40 is a professional

pneumatic nail gun

, ideal for DIY. Very useful for fixing thin

wooden supplies

, wooden frames for doors and windows. It combines high power with the ability to operate at low air consumption from any type of compressor. It has a lightweight magnesium body, soft handle for added comfort, 360° adjustable air outlet that keeps dust away from work surfaces, a side loading system and a special mechanism that perfectly guides the pines in the wood.
2 year warranty!
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Rapid Pneumatic Micropinner PRO PMP171 is made of light weight aluminium die casting body. Its magazine can be reloaded quickly and can contain up to 150 micro pins. Equipped with quick coupling and 360°air exhaust, the PMP171 will offer you efficiency and versatility. Its front is designed to reduce risk of jamming and ensure perfect penetration. Delivered in plastic case with 500 micro-pins 25mm as start-up. Ideal for fixing thin supplies very precisely and without leaving traces.

Get all quick jobs done with 23 gauge headless pins and PMP171 micro pinner. Enjoy performance, low air consumption and efficiency every day. 

Rapid Pneumatic Micropinner PRO PMP171 is recommended for fixing window and door frames, thin wood ornaments, wherever the fixing is almost invisible. Pins are nails without head and can hide very well in the material.
The new PMP171 will help you to make all kind of fixation in an invisible way.

  • Strong and durable body well balanced and light weight
  • 360 adjustable air exhaust keeps dust away from the work surface
  • Adjustable depth of drive mechanism
  • Quick loading system to reload consumables fast
  • Comfort grip reduce fatigue which increase productivity
  • Shoot micro pins 23 gauge 15 - 35 mm
  • Sequential actuation Trigger
  • Reg.Operating Pressure: 5 - 7 bar
  • Air Consumption at 7bar: 0,65 liter/shot
  • Air Inlet: 1/4" NPT
  • Tool Weight: 950 g
  • Fastener Capacity: 150 pins
  • Nose Length: 10 mm

  • Pins type: Mini pin 23
  • Pins height: 15 – 35 mm
  • Weight: 950 g

2 year quarantee!
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