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ENGINEER ENGINEER PZ-79, shear plier with screw removal jaws, tightening plastic or metal necklaces 215 mm

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ENGINEER PZ-79, shear plier


screw removal jaws


tightening plastic or metal necklaces 215 mm


  • Designed with generous shear jaws (26.5 mm), hatched teeth area for extracting worn screws, tightening plastic or metal collars
  • Multifunctional pliers for electrical work
  • The unique shape of the teeth of the jaws (hatched) also grips small head screws (set screws)
  • Equipped with a function to remove worn, rusty or damaged screws
  • Outstanding performance!
  • Easily cuts VA wire (φ2.6 x 3C)
  • The front jaws of the pliers are provided with a straight portion for grabbing and tightening plastic or metal necklaces
  • Cuts wires and cables with or without insulation, crimps lugs or terminal pins, firmly grips and tightens plastic or metal necklaces
  • Images are for presentation purposes only
  • Cannot remove tight screws with powerful, heat treated or welded tools
  • Product recommended by the Romanian Association of Electricians!


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ENGINEER PZ-78, shear plier with screw removal jaws with screw Zaurus function makes it easy to turn crushed or rusted screws. It can be used instead of a screwdriver, and there is no need to go to get a special screwdriver (screw head: φ3 to 9.5 mm).

The unique tip shape also supports low-head screws (truss screws).

There is no gap at the tip, and you can securely grasp thin cable ties. There is no empty grip (ska) like conventional pliers.

The mesh-like crosshatch provides better holding power than regular pliers.

By shifting the vertical groove 3.5 mm from the center of the pliers, you can easily grasp thin binding bands.

With emergency simple crimping function for CE sleeve and ground (applicable range: 1.25 to 3.5 mm²).

Removable Screws: Stripped, Rusted, Torx, Dome (Truss) Head, Round or Pan Head, Screw head: diam. 3 to 9.5 mm

* This tool is a non-insulated tool. Never use it for live-line disconnection or powered-on equipment.
* Do not use on hard screws such as tapping screws, drilling screws, and coarse threads, or screws that are completely fixed with adhesive or rust.
* Do not use for cutting iron wires or fastening screws.

  •     For work related to electrical work, electrical materials, civil engineering, construction, etc.
  •     Removal of set screws for pipes and ducts.
  •     For removing crushed and rusted screws.

  •     Corresponding screw size: φ3 ~ 9.5mm
  •     Vertical groove hardness: HRC60 ± 2
  •     Cutting capacity: VVF / 2.6mm x 3 cores, VVR / 5.5mm x 3 cores, CV / 5.5mm x 3 cores, VCT / 5.5mm x 3 cores, IV / 22sq, CV / 22sq (single core)
  •     Crimping applicable range: 1.25 to 3.5 mm²
  •     Overall length: 215mm
  •     Grip width: 52mm
  •     Weight: 340g
  •     Material: Body/High carbon steel

1) The tool may not remove specially-hardened, heat-treated or glued screws
2) Be sure to apply this tool to a screw head, but not to screw thread
3) This tool is a non-insulated tool. Never use it for live-line disconnection or powered-on equipment.

Product recommended by the Romanian Association of Electricians!

Weight: 340 g

Material: Otel carbon, Elastomer

Applications: Cables & Wires, Electrical, Facilities & MRO

Overall length: 215 mm

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Lucian Trandafir,

Este extraordidar la extras suruburile, dar si la strangerea colierea metalice. Acum ma pot baza pe acest patent cand muncesc.


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PZ-79, un clește multifuncțional ceva mai deosebit decât patentul clasic,cu fâlci tăietoare lungi și foarte bine păsuite și ascuțite., partea anterioară a fălcilor amprentată în diagonale cruciș pentru apucare fără alunecare. Un șanț cu rizuri verticale ajută la extragerea șuruburilor nu prea mari dar neoțelite.Made in Japan promite fiabilitate în timp.


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