RAPID Rapid 36/14 mm Cable Staples, High Performance, galvanized, semicircular, divergent DP, 1000 staples/box 11886910

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Rapid 36/14 mm Cable Staples 

with the rounded crown, they are made of flat galvanized wire. They are specially designed for


low voltage cables up to 50V, such as

network cables

, speakers, telephone, antenna, Ideal for cables with a maximum diameter of 6 mm (coaxial, UTP, bifilar, etc.). The divergence points (DP) cause the tips of the legs to penetrate the material in opposite directions, for a very strong attachment. For indoor or outdoor use.

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Rapid 36/14 mm Cable Staples, High Performance, galvanized, semicircular, divergent DP, 1000 staples/box 11886910

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Rapid 36/14 mm Cable Staples high performance, are ideal for professional and perfectionist users. Made of high performance strong wire, resistant due to the construction of galvanized steel.

The rounded crown of the staple is specially designed for fastening the cables. The flat wire increases the contact surface ensuring a durable fixing without destroying the cable insulation.
After they are extracted they let holes of 1 mm diameter in the material.

DP (Divergent Point) Staples it is a special staple line designed with Divergent Point to provide maximum strength between two fixed parts. The feet of the staples are sharpened so when they enter the support material, they diverge in two different directions ensuring a very strong fixation.

Color coded system (gray) for to make a easy selection and purchase, being in the same color with the stapler that uses them.

  • Recommended for fixing low voltage cables (speakers, telephone, antenna, network cables etc.). Ideal for cables with a maximum diameter of 6 mm (coaxial, UTP, bifilar etc.).
  • Can be fixed in hardwood, plywood, plaster, plasterboard and PVC.

  • Rapid 36 staples were designed for no to tighten or crush the high-speed transmission wires and cables, while preserving their properties.
  • Never fix more than 3 wires with the same staple!

  • Made of galvanized flat wire, which ensures a large contact surface with the material it fixes
  • Very resistant to rust. Outdoor use due to the galvanized surface
  • Divergent staples - for strong grip.
  • Strong high performance wire, resistant due to the construction of galvanized stee
  • Packing: 5 x 1000 staples/box
  • Works with Rapid PRO R36 ,Arrow T25, Rapesco CT60, Novus J02 AL, Novus  J19L 

  • Staple type: 36
  • Height: 14 mm
  • Wire type: galvanized

Staple height: 14mm

Type of staple: 36

Anca Calnuschi,

Alege aceste capse daca materialul suport este moale (lemn esenta moale sau rigips), sau daca dimensiunea cablului este la limita celor 6 mm (adica un cablul RG6). Daca materialul in care fixezi cablul este tare sau cablul este mai mic, atunci alege capsele de 12 mm, forta de apasare maxima. Produs OK

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Manole Adrian,

Calitate premium livrare super rapida și de calitate echipa profesionista

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Alina Manolache,


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