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Rapid No 36 DP staple

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DP (Divergent Point) Staples - Special staple line designed with Divergent Point to provide maximum strength between two fixed parts.

The feet of the staples are sharpened so that when they enter the support material, they diverge in two different directions ensuring a very strong fixation.

Rapid offers a complete line of staples for cables and 

Rapid No 36 staples

, for fixing low voltage cables, with applications in all industries, including industrial, residential or production halls.

Do not limit your areas of use by choosing the wrong fastening system.

The Rapid 28 and Rapid 36 staples were designed not to tighten or crush the high-speed transmission wires and cables, preserving their properties.

This anti-crushing objective is achieved by the interaction of several components of the stapler and the correct choice of the height of the semi-round staple for cables.

Fixing the cables with semi-round staples implies following some rules:

  • Do not use metal staples for fixing cables with voltage greater than 50V;
  • Tighten well the low voltage cables before fastening them;
  • Do not attach cables or wires to the outer corners. There is a danger of being accidentally broken. It is advisable to fix the cables on the inner corners, which can better protect the cable;
  • Do not attach more cables with the same staple. There are situations when you can fix up to 2 cables or wires with a single staple. Never attach 3 wires with the same staple;
  • Carefully choose the height of the staple, so that when fixing this thread it does not destroy the insulation of the cable or optical fiber. Do not forget to adjust the stapler voltage accordingly, depending on the material in which you are going to fix the staple;
  • Avoid bending the cable immediately when it comes out of a box, device, etc. Cables should not be bent within a radius of less than five times the diameter of the cable.

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