RAPID Rapid 140/6 High Performance staples, galvanised flat wire, High Performance, packaging, 970 staples/blister 40109513

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Rapid 140/6 

High Performance staples 

galvanized, made of flat wire, has a greater contact surface with the surface of the material it fixes.

Ideal for packaging

, fastening materials for insulation, plastic foil, thin cardboard and carpet. The feet of the staples are precisely cut for optimum penetration of the material.

Fixing staples type 140




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Rapid 140/6 High Performance staples, galvanised flat wire, High Performance, packaging, 970 staples/blister 40109513

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Rapid 140/6 High Performance staples from flat wire, very versatile, they are suitable for use when fastening a thin cardboard, foils, labels, paper, etc., in cases where the staple is not to be buried in the material.

They are the most popular staples for packing, due to their very high grip capacity.

The Rapid 140 staples have a green color code, just like the stapler they work with.
The staples are color-coded for easy selection and purchase.


Used for packaging, fastening materials such as carpets, tarpaulins, wire mesh, plastic or aluminum foil, shading foil, cardboard, insulation membrane, anti-condensation foil, posters, labels and markers on wood.

  • Made of galvanized flat wire, which ensures a large contact surface with the material it fixes
  • Outdoor use due to the galvanized surface resistant to rust
  • Strong high performance wire, resistant due to the construction of galvanized steel
  • Packaging: 970 staples/blister
For Rapid tackers and hammers: R14, R34, R44, R64, ALU740, ALU840, ALU940, R11, R311, E-tac, ESN114, PS111

  • Staple type: 140
  • Height: 6 mm
  • Wire type: galvanized steel
  • Weight: 100 g

Staple height: 6mm

Type of staple: 140

Staple shape: Square head

Wire Thickness: 1.3mm

The color of the staple: Argintiu

Color: Silver

Staple Material: Otel

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