RAPID Rapid HD31 Stapler Pliers and a box of Rapid staples 73/8, Super Strong 5000 pcs/box

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HD31 Stapler Pliers and 5000 Rapid 

Super Strong Stamples 73/8
High capacity Rapid Classic HD 31 pliers. Strong and durable, nickel-plated, offers fast and durable fasteners. Ideal for post offices, courier companies, offices, factories, warehouses and many other applications.  

The promotional package consists of:
1 x Rapid Classic stapler HD 31
1 x Heavy duty Rapid 73/8 staple, Super Strong


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Rapid HD31 Stapler Pliers and a box of Rapid staples 73/8, Super Strong 5000 pcs/box

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Rapid HD31 Stapler Pliers and 5000 Rapid Super Strong Stamples 73/8 

1 x Rapid Classic stapler HD 31 it is strong and resilient. Made entirely of nickel-plated metal, it is very durable over time, and can be used for the heaviest stapling tasks. The stapler actuation handle is provided with a finger guard. With this stapler you can get fast and durable fasteners. The pleasant design, the small dimensions and the ease with which it can be handled make it suitable for use in offices. It helps you staple up to 70 sheets, the staple insertion depth being 65 mm (the largest in a Rapid stapler from the Rapid range)

1 x Heavy duty Rapid 73/8 staple, Super Strong made of wire (galvanized steel) very strong. Specially designed for Rapid HD 31 pliers stapler. The strength of the material from which they are made and the fact that the tips of the staples are sharp ensure a very good penetration of the materials to be fixed. In office work, the 10 mm staple foot helps you staple between 10 and 30 sheets of paper.

The box contains 5,000 staples.

Staple Material: Superstrong galvanized

The color of the staple: Galvanized

Staple shape: Square head

Staple height: 6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm

Type of staple: 73

Staple guns material: Metalic

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