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Knipex Hose Clamp Pliers For Click clamps, automotive, 180 mm, KNIPEX 8551180C

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Hose Clamp Pliers 

For Click




, 180 mm, KNIPEX 8551180C

  • Specially designed for car and motorcycle mechanics to open and close clamps with a click
  • Rotating inserts on the jaws for safe operation of the clamps in any position
  • Good lever that allows the clamps to be opened and closed again comfortably and easily without much effort
  • For easy work on fuel hoses, vacuum lines and suction nozzles and many other applications
  • Additional function: easily detach the hoses using the serrated jaw
  • Slim head design
  • Narrow head width, rotating grip inserts make this an ideal tool, especially in tight areas
  • Chrome-vanadium electrical steel, forged, oil-hardened
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Hose Clamp Pliers For Click clamps, automotive, 180 mm, KNIPEX 8551180C it offers excellent accessibility even in unfavorable situations.

Specially designed for closing or opening click clamps on fuel hoses, vacuum pipes, suction nozzles and many other applications.

Securely open and close click clamps with and without locking stopper

For click clips without stop and with stop in the lock

There are two fundamentally different types of click clamps: one without a stop in the locking mechanism and one with a stop in the locking mechanism. Because of the large differences, you would normally need a separate tool for each of these systems.

Knipex has developed pliers for both types of click clips. With asymmetric clamping jaws that can be rotated 360°. In order to find a solution here as well.

Optimum accessibility even in narrow spaces

With the Knipex 85 51 180 C Hose Clamp Pliers, all standard clamps can be opened and held securely thanks to the 360° rotatable jaws – even where space is at a premium.

Click clamps are often used where there is little room for tools: on combustion engines. The engine compartment is particularly cramped in modern, compact engines. Knipex's Click Clip Pliers have a slim design and are therefore ideal here.

Soft-toothed jaws for loosening stuck hoses

If, for example, a click clamp that has been attached to a vacuum unit for a long period of time is loosened for the first time, the hose can become stuck.

Deposits and thermal interactions firmly attached it to the nozzle over time. With conventional water pump pliers, you either injure the hose or crush the nozzle.

The jaws of the Knipex 85 51 180 C hose clamp pliers have soft serrations. This means that stuck hoses can be loosened strongly and easily at the same time.

  • Product type: Pliers
  • Clamp type: Click clamps
  • Material: Chrome vanadium steel
  • Handle material: Anti-slip plastic
  • Handle color: Red
  • Adjustment positions: 12
  • Pliers length: 180 mm
  • Dimensions: 180 x 38 x 14 mm
  • Weight: 345g

Material: Crom Vanadiu

Color: Red

Package Contents: 1 x Cleste cleme cu click pentru furtune, automotive, 180 mm, KNIPEX 8551180C

Weight: 345 g

Overall length: 180 mm

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