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Knipex Pliers wrench, Pliers and a wrench in a single tool, 250 mm, KNIPEX 86 03 250

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Pliers wrench


Pliers and a wrench

in a single tool, 250 mm,


86 03 250

  • Adjustable pliers wrench with smooth jaws that replaces the need for metric and adjustable wrench sets
  • Accessible in narrow places
  • Smooth jaws for damage-free installation of plated fittings
  • Can work directly on chrome objects
  • Adjustable tightening tool
  • Excellent for gripping, holding, pressing and bending workpieces
  • Just press the adjustment button on the workpiece
  • Backlash-free pressure of the jaws - prevents damage to the edges of sensitive components
  • Parallel jaws provide solid grip
  • The secure grip of the adjustment button - the position of the clamp can no longer be changed unintentionally
  • The red plastic jaw protection is not included, it can be purchased separately here KN8609250V01
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Pliers wrench, Pliers and a wrench in a single tool, 250 mm, KNIPEX 86 03 250 pliers and wrench in one tool

Pliers wrench Knipex 86 03 250 – for high precision applications in engineering

The mini pliers wrench is only 250 mm long and is therefore suitable for working on precision screw joints, for example in model making. It is also ideal for small pipe and hose connections in industry.

It can grip all widths up to 52 mm, conveniently replaces a set of wrenches – metric and imperial – and can be adjusted quickly and directly to the component at the push of a button. The hinge screw then engages securely, preventing accidental adjustment.

When under tension, the smooth clamping jaws are parallel to each other in every position and hold the component precisely and without play without damaging edges and sensitive surfaces such as chrome or brass.

Increases up to 10 times the manually applied force

The excellent mechanics of the mini-plier wrench amplifies the applied manual force by 10 times. It also holds components as securely as a bench vise. Even flat objects can be gripped extremely well and processed simply thanks to the high clamping force and parallel jaws.

The proven ergonomics of the plastic-coated handles guarantee a comfortable, non-slip grip – even with frequent use.

It works according to the ratchet principle: the ratchet function between the clamping jaws allows screwing in a ratchet-like manner, allowing screw connections to be quickly loosened or tightened without having to re-apply the key after each screw movement.

Many additional application options

The mini plier wrench grip, screw, bend and press anything you can't hold with your fingertips - including hot, sharp-edged, dirty, small or slippery objects.

It holds objects strong and secure at all times while allowing sensitive and measured insertion such as connector halves or assembly components.

It is a useful aid when working with contact adhesives (press to activate the bonding force) or when breaking cable ties.

Knipex quality

The pliers wrench 86 03 250 is manufactured in the Knipex factory in Wuppertal-Cronenberg using quality materials. As with the other pliers models from the Knipex think tank, this one stands for superior quality and therefore, when used correctly, exceptional durability.

  • Screws, grips, holds, bends and presses
  • For joint work with small screws
  • Replaces an entire set of keys
  • Flexible grip up to 52 mm 
  • Protects sensitive surfaces
  • Works directly on chrome, brass or other sensitive surfaces.
  • Quick adjustment per component at the touch of a button
  • No accidental adjustment
  • Time saving according to the ratchet principle.
  • 10 x manual force enhancement
  • Movable vise for mini workbench
  • Reliable and durable
  • Made of high performance chrome vanadium steel
  • Oil hardened
  • Made in Germany

Sancogrup Knipex
Suitable for confined spaces and small components such as industrial compression fittings.

Firm grip

Sancogrup Knipex
Can be used as a mini bench vise, small components can be held securely using the pliers wrench

Little helps a lot

Sancogrup Knipex
The pliers wrench provides a firm grip on bolted joints.

Small and fine

Sancogrup Knipex
With the Mini Wrench, you are ideally equipped for jobs involving precision engineering. 

Multifunctional working

Sancogrup Knipex
Whether you are bending, pressing or straightening, the mini wrench grips reliably.
1. Quick adjustment at the touch of a button / 2. Smooth clamping jaws / 3. By comparison with conventional key

Sancogrup Knipex

1. Replaces an entire set of keys: can be adjusted at the touch of a button directly on the component (up to 52 mm)
2. The mini wrench Knipex 86 03 250 is characterized by backlash-free contact with the component, thus allowing gentle work on sensitive surfaces.
3. With a conventional wrench, pressing on the edges can damage the edges of the screws.

  • Product type: Adjustable pliers
  • Wrench type: Plumber's pliers
  • Finish: chrome
  • Handles: non-slip
  • Color: Red
  • Nut capacity, spanner opening: 52 mm
  • Adjustment positions: 11
  • Length: 250 mm
  • Weight: 540g


Weight: 540 g

Package Contents: 1 x Cleste Cheie cu reglaj automat, manere plastic, 250 mm, KNIPEX 86 03 250 - cleste si cheie intr-o singura unealta

Material: Otel galvanizat

Color: Silver, Red

Overall length: 250 mm

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