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Why did you start DIY projects?

To make a deeper connection with ourselves!

For a better understanding of the things that keep us alive and how can they reach us

The surrounding world is, for the most part, an enigma for us. We are used to taking things "ready" without asking too many questions.

Because of this way of looking to life, we live with the feeling that the methods which we obtain the things that are essential to us: food, water, clothing, comfort, transport, education, well-being and fun, are in the realm of the fantastic and no means concrete.

No panic, man! All we have to do is start acting ourselves, which we usually delegate or ready.

Baking our own clothes, raising animals, gardening, making decorations for our own home, creating hand-made gifts for special people etc. are activities that put us in direct contact with the processes of life.

The things created by our own hands reflect our personality and that is why we relate differently to them compared to those made in series and bought from stores.

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Rapid Hobby tacker

staples useful for home or garden decoration, carpet fixing, decorative work with various types of textiles/leather/leather replacements and more.

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