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ENGINEER Engineer PZ-54 Movable Joint Screw Extractor Pliers, 175 mm, Made in Japan

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Engineer PZ-54


Movable Joint Screw Extractor Pliers



, Made in Japan

  • Movable joint for holding round head screws with a diameter between 3 mm and 10 mm
  • Lateral knife for cutting steel wire with a maximum diameter of 2 mm
  • Side jaws ideal for holding a round pipe, hex nut, etc.
  • Quick extraction of rusty or severely damaged round head screws
  • Unique jaws with vertical teeth for secure vertical or horizontal grip of a screw head, without slipping
  • Extracts much faster than the screw extractor with a handle and simpler than pliers, a universal patent
  • Provided with two screw head clamping areas
  • Length 175 mm, width 48 mm, tip width 9 mm
  • Green handles, easy to find in the tool kit
  • Made in Japan
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  • Product recommended by the Romanian Association of Electricians!


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Engineer PZ-54 Movable Joint Screw Extractor Pliers, two in one: vertical and horizontal grip.

The unique jaws, with both vertical and horizontal fixation, grip a screw head securely without slipping. 


Designed with a thin tip for working in narrow areas. It works much faster than the screw extractor with a handle and simpler than the universal patent pliers.

The tips can securely grip even a low profile screw head.
Provided with two types of screw head attachment.

Movable Joint - Select two opening positions of the jaws

The body of the ENGINEER PZ-54 patent pliers is entirely made of HRC 51±4 carbon steel. Weighs only 155 g, very light compared to a standard combination patent pliers.

Side jaws (HRC 51±4) for hex clamping. nut, bolt or pipe

It is 175 mm long, 48 mm wide, green handles, easy to find in the tool kit and very important - made in Japan.

The handles are covered with a generous layer of high quality (non-polluting) green elastomer, which also acts as an insulator.

The special shape of the handles has the role of increasing the clamping pressure while reducing the actuation effort. The hand will be more rested after multiple actions.

The beveled tip of the patent's jaws helps to grip more efficiently but also to use it in narrower spaces.

Movable joint of handles to optimally grip a screw depending on the diameter of the head.

How does the PZ-54 work?

Regular Pliers


The regular jaws of the pliers are provided with horizontal teeth. When you grip and turn a screw head with regular pliers, the jaws slide and the screw gets stuck.
The tips of the jaws cannot reach the outside edge of the bolt head when the jaws are open.

PZ-54 extractor pliers with single jaws and anti-slip

Specially designed vertical ridges generate grip power. The serrated jaws are angled to grip the edge of the screw head inside so it doesn't slip.

Applications: quick extraction of round head screws (diameter between 3 mm and 10 mm), rusty or heavily damaged and cutting of steel wire with a maximum diameter of 2 mm.


PZ-54 Combination Patent cannot remove tight bolts with power tools, heat treated or welded
Make sure you work with the ENGINEER PZ-54 pliers on the screw head and not on the thread

Product manufactured in Japan and recommended by the Romanian Association of Electricians!


  • Material: Carbon steel, Elastomer
  • Material durability: HRC 51±4
  • Total length: 175 mm
  • Jaw width: 9 mm
  • Protection working under voltage: No
  • Handles: Elastomer
  • Color of handles: Green
  • Dimensions: 175 x 48 x 10 mm
  • Weight: 155 g
  • Package Contents: ENGINEER PZ-54 Torn Bolt Removal Pliers, 175mm, 155g, Made in Japan
  • Origin: Made in Japan

Package Contents: 1 x Cleste Extragere Suruburi Cap Stricat cu imbinare mobile ENGINEER PZ-54, 175 mm, Fabricat In Japonia

Material: Otel carbon, Elastomer

Protection working under voltage: Nu

Color: Green

Produced: Made in Japan

Overall length: 175 mm

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