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ENGINEER Solder Sucker (High-power type) Engineer SS-02 for desoldering electronic boards

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Solder Sucker 

(High-power type)

Engineer SS-02 


desoldering electronic boards


  • Innovative, high-power desoldering pump with silicone nozzle
  • The solder can be perfectly covered with the elastic silicone nozzle
  • You can efficiently vacuum the melted solder, with less residue
  • The silicone nozzle resists direct contact with the tip of the soldering gun, the maximum temperature supported being 350℃
  • The compact design made of aluminum body allows one-handed operation
  • Comes with a spare 50 mm silicone tube
  • Made in Japan
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Solder Sucker (High-power type) Engineer SS-02 is a safe and easy to use tool.
The silicone nozzle in the pump head absorbs almost all the molten material used for soldering on the electronic plates without residue.

This device can be easily cleaned after use.
The ergonomic shape allows one-handed operation.

  •     Heavy-duty aluminum body;
  •     The possibility of cutting the silicone tube to the desired length;
  •     Plunger is within reach of thumb, ideal for one hand operation;
  •     Built-in self-cleaning shaft to prevent clogging.

How to use Engineer SS-02

SS-02: Press down the nozzle elastically to cover the soldering point entirely. Absorb the melted solder very efficiently with less residue left on the board. 
When a traditional solder sucker is used, there should be a gap between nozzle and board to avoid the heat of the iron tip and the suction power is reduced.
Plunger on the top is within easy reach of thumb.  It is ideal for one-hand operation in continuous work.
Self-cleaning shaft works in every stroke of the plunger, which requires easy maintenance. 
Cleaning and maintenance Engineer SS-02

1.    For cleaning, unscrew the body while holding the nozzle unit. 

WARNING!!! Do not attempt to remove the piston unit!

2.    Occasionally, wipe the residue and stains around the thread / spring with a cotton swab or cloth. 
3.     After cleaning is complete, apply silicone grease to the nozzle threads and the inside of the cylinder with a cotton swab.
Recommendation: It is useful to keep the cylinder tight so that the pump ring gasket slides smoothly.

This device has low maintenance costs due to the quick and easy replacement of spare silicone tubes.

Spare parts and consumables:
  • ENGINEER SS-16 spare silicone tubes
  • The package continues 2 pcs. 50 mm long silicone tubes.
  • These tubes can withstand a maximum temperature of 350⁰C.
  • Inner diameter: 2 mm
  • The tubes can be cut to the desired length.

  • Manufacturer: ENGINEER
  • Tool type: desoldering vacuum cleaner
  • Tip diameter: 2 mm
  • Top material: silicone
  • Pump material: aluminum
  • Actuation button: YES
  • Cylinder capacity: 9 cm³
  • Length: 153 mm
  • Diameter: 20 mm
  • Weight: 52 g

Color: Silver

Package Contents: 1 x Aspirator/pompa dezlipire Engineer SS-02, de mare putere, pentru lipituri placi electronice

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Ovidiu BOGDAN,

Este incredibil de eficient. Construcția corpului este din aluminiu, iar vârful (tot capacul ce se deșurubează) e o bucată de aluminiu plină, cu gaură strict pentru piston, ceea ce face diferența de presiune foarte mare. Vârful de silicon face minuni, doar să ai grijă când îl apeși pe placă să nu îl strivești și astfel să închizi gaura.


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Alexandru Trocan,

Un produs excelent!


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Ovidiu-George PANTEA,

Excelentă jucărie


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Marian Razvan,

Excelent ! Produs original iar calitatea chiar este resimtita . Constructie metalica si foarte rigid . Puterea de aspirare este incredibila , nu crezi pana nu l incerci :)


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