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Rivet pliers and rivets

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Find the right riveter and the right rivets for your project
Rivets come in different sizes and kinds, read our guide to find the rivet you need

What kind of rivet do I need?

The nature of the job you’re doing determines the type and size of rivet you need. There are two things to consider when choosing rivets: type of rivet and size.

What are the different rivet types?

Stainless steel rivets
Tough and designed to create a strong bond, these rivets are made of ISO 304 quality stainless steel and will often outlast the lifetime of the materials being bonded.
See our stainless steel rivets


Waterproof rivets
Waterproof rivets are recommended for use in humid environments. The head of the rivet is a single unit without joints ensuring that no leakage occurs between the bonded materials.
See our waterproof rivets

High performance rivets
Versatile and commonly used, the multi-purpose, high performance rivet offers a durable, permanent fixing solution in many different scenarios.
See our high performance rivets

Coloured (Automotive) rivets
These are available in different colours so they can be applied discreetly, for example on license plates, motorbikes, RV’s, trailers and other vehicles.
See our coloured rivets

XL rivets
Rivets with a wider, flatter ring. The extra area this ring creates increases resistance and fastening stability.

Ideal when attaching softer materials such as leather, rubber and plastic to harder materials.
See our XL rivets

Standard rivets
As the name suggests, a reliable fixing solution for everyday riveting.
See our standard rivets

How do I choose rivet size?

Finding the right rivet size is simply a matter of measuring the grip range – by grip range we mean the total thickness of the materials being bonded.

Then use the table below to determine the required rivet height for your job. The larger the rivet diameter is, the stronger the bond will be.

For example, if you are fastening two pieces of sheet metal with a grip range of 13 mm and want to use a 4.8 mm diameter rivet, a rivet height of 18 mm is required.

Ø mm Your measured
Grip Range
Required rivet
height (mm)
3,2 Between 2 and 4 mm 8
4,0 Between 2 and 5 mm 8
4,0 Between 6 and 9 mm 12
4,0 Between 8 and 10 mm 14
4,0 Between 9 and 12 mm 16
4,0 Between 12 and 15 mm 18
4,8 Between 4 and 7 mm 10
4,8 Between 6 and 9 mm 12
4,8 Between 8 and 11 mm 14
4,8 Between 9 and 12 mm 16
4,8 Between 12 and 14 mm 18
4,8 Between 14 and 16 mm 20
4,8 Between 19 and 22 mm 25

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