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Type of staple: VR16 ×

Our way of fixing the wire together is two times faster  than the traditional way of twisting a link of wire.
Imaging you have to prepare the number of wire pieces  to be twisted each 50 cm along the tensile wire and  then twist each piece with a plier. It will take a certain time. Rapid fence pliers just need to be loaded with a  strip of corresponding hog rings, one hand pressure to  squeeze the trigger and the hog ring is fixed to maintain  the fence on the tensile wire. Then move towards 50 cm  far away and repeat again.
Quick and easy to load.
SAFE - Closed hog rings without risk to harm you, which can be  the case with a twisted wire. A safe and good result.
Rapid flence pliers are ideal for attaching chain link mesh fencing onto a tensile wire. Attach thinner fencing or netting for agricultural applications, like barnyard, birdcages, chicken coop, rabbit hutch or sheep park. Attach medium and heavy-duty fencing, for protection of residential, professional, public and sport facilities.

Choosing the right fence pliers and hog rings
This decision is very much based on two factors:
1. The thickness of the materials being fastened.
2. If the nature of the job requires a tool with a magazine – a feature that will save time.
Choose hog rings based on the thickness of the materials being fastened. We offer two types of hog rings, VR16 Ø2-8 mm and VR22 Ø5-11 mm.
Our FP222 pliers takes the VR22 hog rings, while the FP216 uses VR16 hog rings. Both these models have integrated magazines, making them ideal for working on larger projects. Our third model, the FP20, takes both type of hog rings but has no magazine, more useful for small projects.

Colour coded hog rings
To allow you to achieve better looking results, our range includes hog rings in different colours. By doing so, your hog ring will blend in perfectly with the fencing.

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