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In almost every professional activity today, there is an increased focus on creating a safer, more productive and efficient working environment. When things go wrong, organizations must be able to respond effectively so that they can deliver the best possible product or service to the customer.
With a wide range of labeling and labeling systems, DYMO can help companies cover a wide range of labeling applications. From labeling files to marking pipes, identifying cables, issuing and printing bar codes used for inventory, DYMO has a solution that can help improve safety and productivity in almost all work environments.

A. Network components
In today's competitive world, network tagging is of utmost importance.
From cables and wires to patch panels, clamps and sockets and many other components that make up the telecommunications infrastructure. When it comes to maintenance, repairs and the duration of the intervention, a labeled infrastructure can save the time and money of installers and IT professionals.
Installing a properly labeled network will:
• Save time - When urgent changes or repairs occur, time becomes invaluable
• Bring consistency and flexibility - Quit working on guesswork using labeling and you'll forget about dead times when doing maintenance and repairs
• Lower costs - Labeling helps to ensure a coherent network and offers the flexibility to work with different subcontractors throughout the life of the network.

Dymo labeling systems are designed by installers for installers. Helps you properly label networks meeting all standards for industrial labeling and telecommunications

B. Safety and productivity
Correct labeling and identification of electrical components is a quick and easy way to ensure productivity and safety in the unit. Correct labeling of cables, panels, electrical panels ensures the efficient identification of electrical installations. The use of safety markings can prevent accidents at work as a result of not using SSM protective equipment.

The correct labeling of electrical installations can:
• Facilitate rapid identification of defects for checks and repairs
• Ensures that the power source is switched off when working on repairs
• Inform workers about other hazards or SSM measures

C. Maintenance, Repairs and Operations
Maintenance, Repairs and Operations or MRO, ensures for a building the optimization, safety and the corresponding operations and their organization from all points of view, so that the tenants or the workers are safe and the maintenance costs are low. Regarding how a unit, structure or equipment is used that ensures comfort and safety, maintenance must be ensured daily! Use color coding for tracking and information.

D. Identify cables and wires
The labeling of cables and wires refers to markers or labels that are actually placed on a cable or wire for identification. Labels provide a quick and easy way to identify cable / wire. The label can be applied in such a way that it can be read even in the most difficult places.
The benefits of labeling:
• Quick and easy identification of the wire or cable
• Reducing the intervention time, eliminating the "guess" of the role of a wire or cable
• Shortening repair time, which could be high if a cable or wire remains unidentified

Types of application labels:
• Flag tags - for thin cables. Provides flat surface for writing text, bar code, etc
• Wrapped labels - the information that is repeated on the label can be read from any position
• Thermocontractable tubes - permanent labeling solution, with dual role: identification and isolation of the cable or wire. The tubes vary in width so the easiest way to identify the required tube size is to know the diameter of the wire or cable (the diameter including the insulation, not the conductor section)
• Self-laminating labels - labels in predetermined or roll formats, wrapped application, with laminating layer for protection against oils, chemical agents, humidity, abrasion

E. Marking of pipes / pipes
Pipe marking in accordance with EC Directive no. 1272/2008 helps you to quickly identify the contents of a pipe / pipe, flow direction, etc. This information can be quickly seen and identified by any member of the maintenance or intervention team. The elements defined by this standard include the type of information required for labeling pipes, as well as the color, size, location of the labels. Everything for Safety and Security at work and the prevention of accidents at work.

F. Labeling of PRO AV / Security systems
Professionals in the visual audio industry and alarm systems, audio / video surveillance who deal with the installation and supervision of the communications infrastructure, manage many components. We are witnessing a fast pace of transition from analog to digital. From video or sound cards, lighting, alarm and surveillance systems, all evolve towards digital. As these changes occur, the labeling and implementation of the different labeling standards contribute to increasing the working speed in the assembly of the systems and reducing the downtime in maintenance.

G. Bar code inventory
Labeling is a cost-effective way of quickly organizing and identifying products so that they can be found quickly and easily. Labeling systems Dymo offers ideal solutions to meet the needs of labeling in retail, storage, and production. From bar code labels, which have product information to labels for inventories, prices and even documents.
• Use barcodes for automated inventory systems and POS systems. Simplify manual scanning to reduce errors and increase productivity
• Labels help workers easily identify the location of goods and reduce stock outages
• Label files, bookcases, files or cabinets for easy and efficient records

F. Visual identification
What is 5S? 5S is an important component of the "visual identification" system, where employees are guided with specific visual information. The purpose of the system is the optimal and efficient organization of the workplace. This is possible through the identification, use and standardized storage of goods, understood, assumed and applied by all team members, engaged in the respective process.

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