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ENGINEER Engineer DBZ-320 Used screw extractor short bit 18 mm hexagonal socket diameter 2 mm

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Used screw extractor short bit 

18 mm hexagonal socket diameter 2 mm


  • Super short (18mm) screw extractor, ideal for working in a tight space
  • Sharp spiral tip with fine pitch that can grip a hexagonal socket without slipping
  • Hex socket size 2 mm (diameter)
  • Just press and twist to extract a worn head screw!
  • Ideal for extracting hex head screws and countersunk screws with hex socket (Set screws that are broken with an L-type hex wrench)
  • Total extractor bit length of only 18 mm
  • Works with the Engineer DR-27 Ratchet Extractor (ordered separately) for working in a tight space.
  • Attaches to Engineer DR-26 or DR-28 flex connector (ordered separately) for hard-to-reach area work
  • Material: high carbon steel
  • The images are for presentation purposes only
  • Made in Japan
  • Product recommended by the Romanian Association of Electricians!


PN: DBZ-320

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Engineer DBZ-320 Used screw extractor short bit 18 mm hexagonal socket diameter 2 mm

The unique tip shape allows you to remove broken head screws without hammering!
Compatible with non-heat treated screws
Press and twist!

Sancogrup ENGINEER

Extract broken hex head screws without hitting them!

It even works in a tight space!
Only 18mm long!

Sancogrup ENGINEER

Easy to use with a Screw Extractor With Ratchet, ENGINEER DR-27

Sancogrup ENGINEER

Easily remove, without impact, hex screws damaged by the L-shaped hex wrench

In combination with an extension bit, it can solve different scenarios!

Screw into the corner or wall together with Flexible Connection 15° Magnetic Short Bits Or Extractors Engineer DR-26, 88 mm

Sancogrup ENGINEER

Compatible bit/screw size

Tip shape - spiral

Sancogrup ENGINEER

Sancogrup ENGINEER

Sancogrup ENGINEER

Applications for Phillips head screws and other types

Step 1

Drill a pilot hole in the center of the screw head.

Sancogrup ENGINEER

Step 2

Apply the tip of the extractor and rotate counter-clockwise.

Sancogrup ENGINEER


Select the appropriate size that corresponds to the pilot hole (the diameter of the drill bit used).

Sancogrup ENGINEER
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  • Product type: Bit Screwdriver
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  • Use: General use
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  • Weight: 30 g


Package Contents: 1 x Extractor suruburi uzate Engineer DBZ-320 bit scurt 18 mm priza hexagonala diametru 2 mm

Material: Otel carbon

Protection working under voltage: Nu

Produced: Made in Japan

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