Knipex KNIPEX Blacksmith-concrete pliers, 300 mm, jaw width 25 mm, KNIPEX 9910300

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, 300 mm, jaw width 25 mm, KNIPEX 991030

   Reduces by 25% the effort compared to ordinary mounting pliers, of the same size;
   Recommended for bending hard-to-reach iron elements, due to its extremely flexible shape, for fixing iron fittings with wire to be tied on the roll;
  Twisting and cutting the wire in one operation;
   Joint with high force transmission, allowing work with low effort when using thicker bindings;
   Extra hardened edges, hardness approx. 61 HRC;
● ​​​​​​  Forged from special steel for tools, of special quality, hardened in oil in several stages;;
  No sleeves on the handle;
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KNIPEX Blacksmith-concrete pliers, 300 mm, jaw width 25 mm, KNIPEX 9910300

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KNIPEX Blacksmith-concrete pliers, 300 mm, jaw width 25 mm specially designed for concrete blacksmiths who tie with wire from the coil. Also recommended for bending hard-to-reach iron elements due to its extremely flexible shape.


Product type: Pliers
Pliers type: bound concrete iron
Finish: painted
Color: black
Head finish: polished
Standard: DIN ISO 9242
Hard wire cutting values (diameter): 2 mm
Semi-hard wire cutting values (diameter): 3.8 mm
Edge length: 25 mm
Weight: 501 g
Dimensions: 300 x 50 x 20 mm
Reach: No
Rohs: No

Color: Black

Cutting head width: 25 mm

Material: Otel special

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