ENGINEER LED Circuit Tester Engineer DKD-03, 100-250V, AC, Made In Japan, DKD-03

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LED Circuit Tester

Engineer DKD-03 is designed to determine the presence of voltage and user protection. It only works in the presence of

low voltage

alternating current (100 - 250V). Very bright

LED indicator

, which can be used even when the light is strong. This device allows you to determine the absence or presence of voltage in the network, the continuity of the circuit or the polarity of a socket!


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LED Circuit Tester Engineer DKD-03, 100-250V, AC, Made In Japan, DKD-03

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LED Circuit Tester Engineer DKD-03 is a device for testing the continuity of the electric circuit. It is shaped like a screwdriver with an insulating and resistant plastic handle. The handle is provided with a metal clip for it to be fixed to the pocket. In the transparent insulated handle there is an LED that reports the presence of voltage. The screwdriver head is provided with a protective sleeve.

The voltage pencil is a device used to detect the presence of electric current in a low voltage AC (100 - 250V).

Using a tension pen is very simple: hold the screw on the insulating body and touch with the metal tip of the respective conductor. At the same time, with the thumb press the other end of the screwdriver (the isolated part).

If the circuit is covered by AC, then the indicator light will illuminate.

CAUTION: The person who performing the check has not to come into contact with the metal part of the tension pencil.
Improper use of these devices can cause serious accidents!

  • AC 100-250V (Low Voltage Use)
  • Continuity Check of circuit
  • Polarity Check of electric outlet
  • High Brightness LED
  • Blade Cap

  • Working voltage: 100 - 250V
  • Indicator light: LED
  • Length: 120mm

Produced: Made in Japan

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