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Screwdrivers are the most common tools in a wide range of fields, from the household kit, used for various repairs, to the mechanic shops for auto repairs.

The use of these tools dates back about 500 years, the main purpose being to screw and unscrew various types of screws. Screwdrivers have undergone a complex evolution over time to cope with the new realities that have arisen with the transition from manual work to that with the help of machines.

With the help of the screwdriver, in particular, the operations of screwing and unscrewing screws of different sizes are carried out, used in a variety of fields, such as the construction of furniture, various wooden objects, in the automotive industry or in the field of construction.

The main types of screwdrivers

The flat head screwdriver is the most common. The tip of the screwdriver is in the form of a small chisel that goes into the head of the screw, thus allowing it to be manipulated.

A disadvantage is the possibility of sideways slippage, when the screwdriver is not centered correctly or when greater force is applied. Another problem is the difficulty of placing the head in the screw groove when it is not visible.

The Phillips screwdriver was introduced in the 19th century by the English engineer Henry Phillips, with the aim of providing a better grip, removing the risk of slipping and spinning.

The tip of the screwdriver has a cross-shaped profile with a pointed tip that fits into the specific slot on the head of the screw.

Although it is more precise and easier to use compared to the flat head screwdriver, if the applied force is high, there is the possibility of the screw head slipping and being destroyed in this way.

The pozidriv screwdriver is an evolution of the Phillips screwdriver, by adding four additional profiles, which ensure a better grip, improve force transmission and reduce the possibility of slipping.

The Torx screwdriver, also known as a Phillips screwdriver, has a star-shaped head with six rounded arms. Due to the design, superior torque can be transmitted to the screw, including through power tools, without slippage. Moreover, torx head screws can be used many times without the danger of breaking them.

The hexagonal screwdriver has the end in the shape of a hexagonal profile, of various sizes. It is used, in particular, in the furniture industry, with many companies using hex head screws to fasten the various parts.

In conclusion, the screwdriver is not as simple a tool as some people suspect, but there are a multitude of models on the market, suitable for various situations.

Because of this, tool kits should be equipped with as diverse a range of models as possible, so that there are no situations in which a screw cannot be loosened because there is no suitable screwdriver.

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