ENGINEER Screw Eater PZ-22, ENGINEER, 175mm, Japanese tehnology

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Screw Eater PZ-22


Multi-purpose Extraction Tool

for Stubborn Fasteners... Eat it!! Inter-meshed Side Teeth - Enough to hold extremely-thin plates very securely as well as thicker materials when the jaws are closed. Assures you of a firm grip!

Unique jaws with vertical serrations

grip a screw head securely without slipping, helpful in confined area. Hight leverage structure requires less gripping power.
Product recommended by the Romanian Association of Electricians!


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Screw Eater PZ-22, ENGINEER, 175mm, Japanese tehnology

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Screw Eater PZ-22, ENGINEER, 175mm - Multi-purpose Extraction Tool
Ordinary plier jaws are lined with horizontal serrations. When you grasp and turn a screw head with ordinary pliers, the jaws slip and the screw remains stuck.
Engineer PZ 22The tips of jaws can not reach the outer edge of screw head when the jaws are opened. 
Specially-designed teeth generate gripping power

The serrated jaws angled inward grab the rim of screw head, so no slippage.Screw Eater PZ-22 Features:
  •     Elaborate angle of serration also enables you to bite a dome head
  •     Slender design of jaws ideal for work in confined area
  •     Comfortable grips made of Elastomer (TPR), also good for global environment
Screw Eater PZ-22Notice:
  •     The tool may not remove specially-hardened, heat-treated or glued screws.
  •     Be sure to apply this tool to a screw head, but not to screw thread.

Quick extraction with round head screws (diameter between 3 mm and 11 mm), rusty or heavily damaged, rivets and others.
Screw Eater PZ-22
Product recommended by the Romanian Association of Electricians!

Material: Otel carbon

Overall length: 175mm

Protection working under voltage: Nu

Color: Green

Package Contents: 1 x Cleste patent extragere suruburi cap stricat ENGINEER PZ-22, 175mm, tehnologie Japoneza

Eugen Trusca,

Foarte util.

Was this review useful?

Dobre Marian,

Din pacate nu are mai multe stele , puneti 10 stele va rog , e un cleste extraordinal , am desfacut monstru de masina cu el , comandatil cu incredere
si caldura , este si un pret mega bun , fara cuvinte , sunt extra mulltumit . Si in continuoare sunt cllientul vostru . Ori de cate ori am nevoie de scule .

Was this review useful?

Florentin Chisacov,

Ca de obicei, produse de calitate livrare promta Recomand cu caldura Va multumesc

Was this review useful?

Teofil Crișan,

Am testat cleștele.
E Ok din toate punctele de vedere. Lucru japonez. La fel, sancogrup: comanda a fost trimisă prompt. Merită 5 stele amândouă: cleștele și sancogrup.

Was this review useful?

Ciprian Grigore,

Foarte multumit,recomand.

Was this review useful?

Liviu Craciun,

f bun pentru scopul lui, materialele folosite si designul pt pirghie sint excelente

Was this review useful?

Jercan Florin,

O sculă de calitate cu grip bun și ergonomică!
Metalul este foarte dur și nu se deformează ușor chiar și supusă la stres.
Manerele sunt bine gandite și oferă o prindere fermă penttu a putea scoate suruburile ! Chiar daca surubul defect are capul foarte puțin expus patentul reușește sa l

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Calitate foarte buna! Multumesc! Recomand!

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Takacs Sandor,

Extraordinar de bun il am de cateva luni si il folosesc aproape zilnic,NOTA 10*.

Was this review useful?

Takacs Sandor,

Extraordinar de bun il am de cateva luni si il folosesc aproape zilnic,NOTA 10*.

Was this review useful?

Florin Petre,

Produs de Calitate, colaborare placuta cu operatorul, livrare rapida. Recomand.

Was this review useful?

Viorel Deheleanu,

Sunt foarte multumit de calitatea produsului cumparat dela dumneavoastra care corespunde nevoilor mele. Recomand cu incredere.

Was this review useful?

Deheleanu Viorel,

Am cumparat cleste patent extragere suruburi rupte ENGINEER PZ-22 dela magazinul dumneavoastra, unde, am intalnit un personal amabil, rapid si eficient.
Recomand cu incredere acest produs.

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